Center Of The Attention

February 4, 2019

If there was a perfect month to wear red, I believe it's February. Red has always been related with love and passion, therefore, the perfect color for a date night with your significant other or with someone special to you in this Valentine season. Red is my favorite bright color, therefore, I enjoy wearing it in big or small doses..
Today's look was styled around my red cashmere pullover. I wore this look last week for a date night with my husband. As you can see, I wore a matching red belt in order to accentuate my waist, which contributes to an extra touch of femininity. With a look like this, red will always be the center of the attention, therefore, it's important that you wear this color on parts of your body that you don't mind to stand out. When you frame a red garment with dark-colored pieces such as black or dark grey, you know that will make red look even more bold.

I hope you enjoy the photos, which, by the way, were taken very late in the afternoon. I was worried about the lighting but after all, the photos turned out ok. I ended up loving the slightly blurred movements and the gloomy background.
I hate to say it but this is the last time you will see this gorgeous bag in my blog. I accidentally dropped it down the stairs and it broke in two pieces. It'll take me a while to find one just like it, because it's vintage.

Pullover: Saks/Belt: Vintage/Skirt: Iris & Ink/Coat: Vintage/Scarf: Chico's/Shoes: Christian Louboutin/Bag: Vintage. 


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