Wine Country - Wearing Combat Boots With A Zebra Print Skirt

March 7, 2019

The weather is getting warmer, therefore, trips to vineyards will be part of our weekend plans again. I really love wine and it's better when you enjoy it in the country. As I said before, going to wine country isn't only about the wine - it's also about the road trip, the view, the people you meet and, of course, it's about dressing up for the occasion.
This past weekend we visited Raylen Vineyards, which is located not too far from our house. I visited this vineyard back in 2015 and we had a good time. This time, we visited for a Mardi Grass event that they were having. For the occasion, I decided to wear a comfortable and yet fun look. Before we headed to the festival, we took these photos and, as you can see, the day was beautiful. The day before we had rain, so the ground was still wet. Wearing mud-proof boots seemed to be a good idea. I wasn't worried about my shoes spoiling my outfit because, in fact, I find combat boots the perfect juxtaposition to a feminine look.

Wearing animal print to wine country isn't a popular least, I don't see too many gals doing so. Ladies actually wear more florals or stripes, which I wear those as well, but this time, I wanted to showcase my wild side in wine country. This particular vintage skirt has won my heart and I keep wearing it with many combinations. For this occasion, I paired this beauty with a cashmere sweater that kept me warm enough in 55-degree weather. A hat, of course, is a no brainer when going to wine country because I stay mostly outdoors.

I hope you enjoyed this look and if you need outfit ideas for going to wine tastings or wine country you can see more of my looks in "Wine Country" category.


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