A Casual Linen Outfit Enhanced With A Silk Head Scarf

August 22, 2019

I can't say enough how important all my silk scarves are for my wardrobe. In fact, I, many times prefer to wear a silk scarf around my neck instead of a statement necklace. Wearing a printed silk scarf is a wonderful way to add a touch of fun and sophistication to a lazy outfit, perhaps like the one I'm wearing in this post. Silk scarves also come in very handy when you know you're going to have a wild hair day like the day of this photo-shoot. I was almost ready and my husband rushed inside the house to warn me that we were riding in the Jeep without front doors and top. Oh boy!... I was so glad I had already put on a head scarf but with the purpose of enhancing my look and now it will also serve the purpose of keeping my hair off my face. Believe me, riding in a vehicle without doors is like getting in the eye of a tornado. 😧 You need to have your hair secured tight and mainly when it's long. Oh well, those are the things we must do in order to let our hubbies enjoy their toys, and besides, I gotta keep my photographer happy...right? 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you this casual look that was completely enhanced with a colorful polka dot scarf. When I put on this outfit I honestly felt like I was wearing pajamas and actually it looked that way. I wasn't in the mood for anything preppy or put-together, but in the end, I didn't look too disheveled, thanks to my scarf. Now the question is, will I wear this look again for a casual picnic day? You bet I will!!!
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These photos were taken at Grassy Creek Vineyards.


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