How I Styled My Utilitarian Jumpsuit

September 12, 2019

Oh my!... this is a jumpsuit that I'm loving right now! It's so much fun to style and the color isn't like any other color I had in my wardrobe. I love this color so much that I even got a t-shirt from another brand with a similar hue. I'm not sure what to call this hue of brown, although the brand calls it "brass". I can really appreciate how this hue looks next bright colors, as well as white and that's exactly how I styled the very first time I wore it. But the truth is that the utilitarian style of this jumpsuit is what actually caught my eye before the color. I've always wanted a utilitarian jumpsuit but not because I need it for labor work, simply because I love pockets. I'm sure all these chic pockets aren't going to be occupied with anything but a cell phone. 😂

I've been a fan of jumpsuits and boiler suits for a long time, so they aren't new to my wardrobe, therefore, styling them isn't ever a challenge for me. They are actually easy to pair with many accessories or sometimes wearing them the minimalist way can be also fun...and, talking about accessories, as I've done many times before, I decided to enhance my look with ethnic pieces. This time my worry dolls belt tries to steal the thunder from my boiler suit.

And, of course, the occasion for this look was to visit wine country. It was a fun look to go wine tasting and spend the last days of summer in the vines. This time we visited one of the largest vineyards in North Carolina, called Childress Vineyards. I personally fell in love with their 2015 Cabernet Franc. I brought a bottle home and I believe I'll be going back for a couple more. Yes, it's that good!!!


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