Oversized Boyfriend Jeans with Fur Sweater Jacket

Published on December 17, 2014

Outfit with oversized jeans

Just when I thought that I didn't need any more boyfriend jeans in my life, I came across this oversized version. Unlike my other boyfriend jeans, the length of these jeans is meant to be super-long and worn resting over the shoes. I really like this take on boyfriend jeans, and after all, this borrowed-from-the-boys style is trending again this coming season.
So this is how I styled them for first time and since the weather was a tad cold, I opted to wear one of my warmest fur jackets and a fedora to keep a bad hair day in place. With these jeans, I must definitely need wear shoes with a longer toe box, otherwise they'll get lost underneath the long hem.

Cobalt Blue Coat

Published on December 12, 2014

Colorful Winter outfit

In my opinion, the first piece of clothing that most people notice on you during the cold months of the year is your coat, and with that in mind, I keep eye out for beautiful and fun pieces when I shop. 
For example, this vintage coat immediately got my attention, due to its striking shade of blue, classic shape and impeccable craftsmanship. I was lucky to find this coat in a recent visit to Grand Rapids, MI at a wonderful vintage store called Lost & Found for a very reasonable price.
In this occasion, I decided to wear it with similar happy colors and a tropical printed skirt in order to brighten a such gloomy morning.

Taupe With Teal and Statement Accessories

Published on December 8, 2014

Outfit with teal pants

Taupe is a color between grey and brown, therefore a wonderful and versatile neutral color. I recently made a purchase of this taupe sweater with the intent to pair it with most of my pants and my taupe suede pumps (matchy-matchy is back). So, that's exactly what I did in this opportunity. I chose teal pants in order to bring a little bit of color to this look and I also decided to wear bold and ethnic accessories, which added an interesting touch to this urban look.

A Swan in the City

Published on December 5, 2014

Outfit with swans printed skirt
Whoever believe that a patterned garment with birds should not be worn around this time of year may not have encountered one with a flock of elegant black swans. This skirt completely stole my heart and not only because of the beautiful birds floating and flying around with cute crowns, also because of its beautiful full and feminine shape. 
As soon the skirt arrived, I knew I wanted to pair it with a simple turtleneck and a biker leather jacket. I decided to wear my Chelsea boots in order to keep the look more urban and grounded.