His Shoes, But Better

Outfit with pencil skirt and brogues

Trends come and go pretty fast in the fashion industry, however, the stolen-from-the-boys trend looks like it's here to stay. I personally love the "boyfriend" concept in women's fashion but it's not because I'm trying to shy away from my feminity - as a matter of fact, it's the other way around. I truly believe that girly looks can benefit so much from masculine touches - it makes a perfect juxtaposition. I also believe in the opposite. I'm very drawn to a masculine-inspired outfit when it's styled with a couple of feminine touches. And because this styling concept is right up my alley, today I'm bringing you a look styled around a pair of men-inspired shoes.

Once again, I was challenged by onlineshoes.com to create two looks with men-inspired shoes by their homegrown brand, Hardy. Today, I'm showing you one of the looks, which I really had so much fun styling. For this opportunity, I went for less safe color choices and I selected two pairs of shoes with fun hues (stay tuned for my second look with another men-inspired shoe). I already own brogues in black and brown, so playfulness was desperately needed in my men-inspired shoe wardrobe. (see more looks here with other shoes)

The first thing that drew my attention with this particular style was the color. It's fresh, fun and somehow, very unique on a men-inspired shoe. I also love the platform heel, and just because this is the newest and coolest twist for brogues and loafers (yes, I can be trendy like that).
I'm planning to style these shoes with neutrals as a pop of color and also with dark colors, for a fun and shocking contrast effect. But today, I decided to style them with patterns and colors that play out harmoniously with the shoes. Yes, there is some harmony in-between the colors, but I can't quite say the same about the garment's styles. There is more than one trend involved in this outfit, however, don't ask me why, but I believe they made a cool team together. Oh boy, is she confident or what?

Keep Your Cool With Black

Off-the-shoulder street style

Many of us were probably encouraged to stay away from black in the summer because of its reputation of being the color that attracts heat the most. Pardon me, but due to my experience, I'm starting to believe that this is just an old myth. In my opinion, staying cool around this time of the year has nothing to do with the color but the fabric you wear.
I must confess that, as much I love to play with color in the summertime, it's nearly impossible to stay away from wearing black. As you can see in this look I'm enjoying black clothes, and for your information, it was an 88 degree day. The key to staying cool in this look was the cotton fabric and the easy and breezy pieces that contributed to comfort.

I bought this stretchy cotton top and a striped one this past winter with the intention of giving them plenty use in Spring and Summer. I knew I could pair them with most of my bottoms, so I didn't doubt that it would look great with my vintage Ralph Lauren floral skirt.

You're Never Far From The Sea With Reyes Del Mar

Nautical fashion style

Ahoy matey!! As I said before, you don't need to be vacationing in the French Riviera or live near to water to wear a nautical look. Today I'm thrilled with this post because I want to introduce you to a piece of jewelry that will go perfectly with any maritime-style outfit or any outfit that you want to add a slight nautical touch.
I teamed up with Reyes Del Mar Jewelers, a premier retailer of nautical jewelry, in order to bring you a look showcasing their beautiful anchor pendant.
I must confess, it did not take me long to agree to this collaboration. As many of you know, I LOVE
nautical-inspired looks, therefore, this piece is right up my alley and so is the unique rope ring; also a piece from Reyes del Mar Jewelry.
This anchor pendant is made of luxurious, tarnish resistant sterling silver that is rhodium plated to give it the luster of white gold. The bell is a shackle, a classic nautical hardware found on boats.
You can wear this pendant a variety of link chains, silk cords, woven cords or even leather ones.
As you can see, I wore mine with a long chain that I double wrapped in order to get a chocker-necklace-effect.
You are more than welcome to find a RdM Jewelry retailer by clicking here. You also can follow them on Facebook,  Instagram and Pinterest.

Welcome Summer With Denim on Denim

Levi's 501 CT jeans

Let me start this post by saying that this photo-shoot was completely spontaneous! Last week after a busy day, my husband asked me to go with him and check out a new (new to us) Ale House located near to our home. However, earlier in the day after doing laundry, I realized that I needed to get all my light-wash denim out from my wardrobe and wear it soon. As you can see in these pictures, I was serious about that thought. As soon we parked our car, I felt like taking pictures, I really liked my outfit!! (I always bring the camera with me).
Going to a casual bar wearing denim is nothing new, but we can make our denim stand out by wearing fun accessories such as a cool hat or even a slick pair of kicks. I felt very comfortable and summery with this look, and since the day wasn't extremely hot, I didn't feel overwhelmed by wearing denim on denim.

By the way ladies and gentlemen, nowadays there are no rules on how to wear your total denim look. Just wear it the way you feel confident and have fun with it.
I hope you have a happy first day of summer.


Trapeze dress street style

According to Coco Chanel, "the best color in the world is the one that looks good on you".
I honestly don't know which color looks best for me and I'll tell you why. When my skin is darker at the end of summer, I believe yellow looks great; however, around winter months, my skin turns more "grayisholive" (my personal skin tone) so black or white favors me the best. Now, the days that I just can't walk away from eating too many tacos and the scale starts showing it, then, believe me, any dark color will be "the best color in the world."

This week, I've been feeling pumped by the new workout routine (running, Insanity and P90X combo) that I started a month ago, (Snapchat @CareliaMoran) therefore, I feel like I can wear any color in the world. I lost the five extra pounds I put on during my honeymoon (so worth it), and I started regaining more muscle.

So here I am wearing all colors! This look started with my pencil skirt (also worn here, here and here), a black and white classic skirt that was amped-up with one of the most colorful pieces I own (see different styling here). And on top of that, I took a clutch with me that matched this trapeze dress perfectly and shoes that brought out a fun contrast.
You see, that day, all colors were "the best color in the world."


Summer colorful outfit street style

White heels street style

Pencil skirt under a dress

Colorful outfit street style

Sheer dress street style

My bustier in black lace bandeau did its job adding a sexy touch to my playful look.

Chloe dress

White heels street style

Colorful dress street style

Pencil skirt street style

Trapeze dress

Dress: ChloƩ (vintage). See Trina Turk's beautiful version.
Skirt: H&M (old). I couldn't find a better suggestion than this and on sale.
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi. Check the off-white style on sale here and a budget version here.
Bag: Antropologie
Sunglasses: Valentino
Bandeau: Aerie. See similar here.

How I styled My Denim Shirtdress

Denim shirtdress street style

A denim dress can be as practical and versatile as a pair of jeans, and when it's a button-down, it's even better. I purchased this denim dress last year and since then, I've enjoyed every aspect of it. In this opportunity, I wanted to bring a picturesque touch to my classic dress and what better than to style it with colorful ethnic accessories.
This is a neat look to wear on a weekend; maybe for going to the market, going for Sunday brunch or for hanging out with friends.
You are welcome to check out how I styled this dress to go to a vineyard here, for a small town fair here and for date-night movie here.

Road Trip Chic

Road trip style

Summer is around the corner and so is the time to pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to hit the road for a new adventure. Whether I'm driving alone or with a companion, across the country or just across town, I make sure to wear something comfortable yet stylish. Road trips call for practical clothes and shoes, and with that in mind, I created this look that I wore Monday for a short road trip with my husband.

For a late Spring or Summer road trip, I prefer to wear breathable clothes; in other words, I prefer to wear cotton but with some stretch to the fabric. I almost always wear hats and mainly when we are driving in our convertible jeep with the doors off. I Just make sure that my hat is very secure on my head. Otherwise, I'll kiss it goodbye after 5 seconds on the road.
Sometimes I wear pants and sometimes I wear skirts or shorts, but either way, I make sure I stay true to my mood (emotional fashionista) and of course, the look has to be fun for me. Now, when deciding on what shoes to wear, I make sure I opt for a practical shoe; easy to come off and also a pair that I won't mind getting a little dirty.

The Sunset And My Floral Skirt

Slit skirt street style

One of the things I love the most from Mother Nature are the sunsets. They're enchanting, sexy, relaxing, romantic, invigorating and the best of all, they are free. To me, the most beautiful sunsets are the ones that I watch next to someone I love, but I also appreciate a sunset while I'm hiking or running a trail.
Today, I'm showing a skirt that reminded me of a warm sunset over the blue water. This beautifully made skirt is vintage and is one of my favorite pieces from my wardrobe. The colors and print lift my spirit, and the flowy overlapped style brings out the flirtatious side of me; similar to how I feel when I'm watching a breathtaking sunset.
In this photo-shoot, I'm not near water. However, that didn't stop me from styling my skirt with a bikini top under a nautical tank-top. The skirt is an easy wrap-around style (also worn here). Therefore, this look is perfect to watch the sun go down after a day at the pool, ocean, river...etc. (see a similar look here.) After this sweet photo-shoot, my husband and I continue our date night in downtown.


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