Nautical With A Warm Hue

Nautical street style

The combo formula for wearing nautical style is simple: navy, white, red and stripes. However, I often like to add unexpected hues to my maritime ensembles; for example, today I paired it with rust-hued pants and bag. Around this time of the year, you don't see too many people wearing their browns and burgundies and I guess it's because they save those colors for the cooler months of the year. I personally try not to relate colors with seasons, therefore, I enjoy wearing most colors all year round. The only thing that will stop me from wearing a garment of a particular color, in any given season, is the fabric.

Happily Tied Up

Outfit with tied up shirt

Yay!! I'm back with a regular outfit post. However, I still have so many pictures from my honeymoon that I would love to share, but I am not sure if I will have time to share them any time soon. I'm working on a couple of photoshoots that we took before and after our wedding.
I want to thank everyone that left a sweet comment on my wedding pictures on Instagram. I really appriecate your warm wishes.
Today's outfit was an experiment from a few weeks ago. In the past, I've worn button-down shirts knotted at the front with pants, denim shorts (hello, pinup girl!), and skirts. This time, I wanted to do an unexpected styling with an oxford shirt by paring it with my fringe dress (more looks with dress: here and here).

Honeymoon Diary: What I Wore To Old San Juan

Summer vacation outfit in Puerto Rico

Well, my honeymoon diary continues and this time, I want to show you a couple of outfits that I wore while touring Old San Juan. My husband and I only checked one luggage for the both of us. I wanted to travel light, so I only packed my luggage with three pairs of pants, a few t-shirts, one skirt, denim shorts, a rain poncho, one dress, two hats, my pajamas, hiking shoes, flat sandals, undergarments and my wedge espadrilles. Yes, I only packed one dress and the reason why is because this was my first time traveling to Puerto Rico and I wasn't sure what to expect from their environment and weather, and I personally feel more protected and secure wearing my pants. The weather was on our side, because, despite the partially cloudy sky, we had more sunny days than rainy ones. The only time that we got caught in the rain, was the rain forest El Yunque, but that type of weather is pretty much expected in any rain forest.

Honeymoon Diary: Easy Mornings

El Convento Hotel Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Three things are a must for me to achieve a good night sleep or even a nap, and those are a cozy bedroom, a good bed, and comfortable sleepwear. Even on my honeymoon away from home I had to consider those three facts, so I made sure the beds and the ambiance of our room were cozy enough to feel like in home. When I travel, I don't need to have a luxurious room and as a matter of fact, I prefer a cozy and one of a kind place like a bed and breakfast, old historic hotels, and now I've even started considering Airbnb rentals. However, even if it's a cozy place, if I didn't bring comfortable sleepwear,  I will not feel at home away from home. At least, that's the feel I like to achieve when staying out of town.

Honeymoon Diary : Welcome To Puerto Rico

Honeymoon outfit

We are back from our honeymoon, but my heart is still in Puerto Rico. We had a such a great time from the moment we arrived until the last minute there. I've put some pictures together to give you an idea how our time was in Puerto Rico, in case you're considering traveling to the area.
As soon we arrived, we freshened up and headed to visit the obvious attractions and historical places in Old San Juan. We planned to explore the old city in the first two days and then explore the countryside for the remainder of the trip through the use of a rental car.

My City Hall Wedding

Our City Hall Wedding

Hi, everyone! This past Friday was one of the most important days of my life. After dating my boyfriend Brad Medich for six years, we decided to get married. We both were married before, so this time, we decided to make things a little bit different. Five years ago we decided to move in together and since then we've enjoyed our lives together, but it was only a month ago that we decided to take the next step. Yes, I had only a month to plan my wedding, but since we were keeping things simple, it was a very easy task for me.
One of the hardest things for a bride in the preparation of her wedding is finding the right dress. In my situation, it was very easy because I knew that I wanted to wear a simple non-white lace dress. If you follow me on Snapchat @CareliaMoran you probably saw more live details about my small wedding. Since cameras or cell phones are not allowed inside the courthouse, we decided not to hire a  professional photographer. Instead, I asked my oldest son's girlfriend ,Casey, to take the pictures.

A Coordinated Mix To Sunday Brunch

Peplum Lace Top Street Style

The weekend is almost over, but that doesn't mean you have to give up the fun. Sundays are the perfect days for dressing cute and strolling around downtown after brunch.

The Great Outdoors

What to wear to go hiking

Today I'm sharing with you for the first time a blog post about working out. If you follow me on Snapchat @CareliaMoran, you would know that I love to spend time in the great outdoors. I don't visit gyms very often because I feel a little bit claustrophobic being in a room with too many people; some staring at each other, talking instead of working out or even falling asleep on the machine that someone else is waiting to use. With all my respect to gym goers, I quite frankly don't find that environment appealing. I believe I'm too used to the sound of the birds, running water, and the squirrels getting in my way. Therefore, I just can't find a better place for getting in shape than the outdoors.

What to wear for hiking

Hiker outfit

I must confess that spending time outside (running, walking or hiking) has helped me to cope with stress and recover from illness. It has done things for me that no medication has achieved. When the weather doesn't permit me to work out in the outdoors, I exercise in my workout room in the basement of my house, usually doing any P90X video or Insanity. However, these type of workouts doesn't give me any spiritual benefits as when I'm outside, but If I can combine both in one day, it's even better.

Hiking in Blue Ridge Parkway

What shoes to wear to go hiking

Hiking in North Carolina

My boyfriend and I often plan road trips to hiking trails in North Carolina. We always make sure to read and learn about a particular trail before arrival; this way we know what to take in our backpacks and what type of gear to wear. In this opportunity, I was trail-testing a pair of hiking boots. Since the boots were new, I didn't want to take chances and hike a long and strenuous trail, so we decided to hike a level 4 trail of 4.5 miles. For a short trail like that, I usually wear simple shorts, comfortable cotton t-shirt, a tank top inside in case I want to remove the t-shirt later on. Sunscreen, water, chapstick, a hat, sunglasses and a map are a must, regardless of the length or level of the trail. But the most important thing at least for me are my shoes. They have to be comfortable, with an excellent arch support and a considerable outsole traction. 

Hiking in Pisgah Forest

Hiking style

Hiking outfit

I hope you enjoy seeing these pictures that it motivates you to spend more time in Mother Nature. Remember, you don't have to travel far to have a quality time in the outdoors. Your local park can be  good enough to get into your spiritual and physical mode. 

Hiking fashion

Today I'm wearing:
Sunscreen: La Roche-Posay.
Hiking boots: Under Armour.
T-shirt: c/o Vintage Jane.
Shorts: Gap (old). Buy similar here.
Belt: Abercrombie (men's) I love this one by Aeropostale.
Hat: Columbia. See the newer version here.
Backpack: Lancaster-Paris. Similar here.
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (62mm).


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