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Snow Tubing

Ski pants fashion

I've been living in North Carolina for twenty years and I still haven't taken advantage or embraced the snow to the fullest. I grew up in a tropical climate country where there is no such thing as winter -- all year round is summer time. I've spent lots of outdoor time in the summer, but when winter approaches, I feel like there are so many more activities that I could be doing around this time of the year that I've not even considered yet.  This year, I decided to start getting involved with winter activities, but as a beginner, my boyfriend advised me to start with activities that don't require much skill.
For my 45th birthday celebration, we decided to go snow tubing in the North Carolina Appalachians. My boyfriend is from Michigan, therefore he already had the right gear for any type of snow sport or entertainment. I, on the other hand, had very few garments that I could use for snow activities. A day before our trip, we went to Eddie Bauer and I acquired a pair of snow pants. I had my Sorel boots and a warm jacket that I could use, but for now, I just needed a pair of pants to keep me dry and somewhat warm.
After a day full of fun activities, I realized that I needed to invest in a few more garments in order to enjoy the snow even more. At this moment I know I need a pair of goggles, an extra waterproof jacket and maybe a face mask to help keep my lips warm.

Sweet Meets Rebel For Valentine's

Ruffles street style

A casual Valentine's dinner followed by drinks at your favorite pub calls for a sweet and edgy look. A girly and romantic top paired with fierce garments will let him know that your manners can be soft like rose petals but your attitude sharp like thorns.
I've been known for playing with juxtaposition and also for pairing vintage with current trends and I really don't mind that reputation - I actually love to hear it. I've always said that my style is emotional. I never know what I'm going to wear the next day, but regardless what I decide to wear, I very often end up pairing my vintage finds with contemporary pieces or wearing two completely different style garments at once. Today's look is a perfect example of my favorite mixings.
I'm completely aware that with age comes changes; not only physicality but also mind-wise. I know my choices with fashion are evolving as I age, but one thing I can say that will never change is that no matter what I wear, it has to be fun for me. I don't want to wear otherwise.

Warm Shoulders With An Off-The-Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder street style

The first time I saw this top online, it reminded me of Susan Sarandon in the movie, Bull Durham (I'm planing to wear it like she did as well), I knew I could use it with several pieces in my wardrobe. The weather outside is still chilly for baring my shoulders, but I've had this top hanging in my closet for a few weeks now and I couldn't wait any more. I wanted to wear this top not only for a photoshoot, but to go brunch and run errands all day long. I could have layered it with a cardigan on top, but,  I also I wanted to show its sexy and simple style not only for the indoors, but outdoors as well.  I honestly never thought of wearing it over a button down shirt, but the circumstances forced me to be creative. In order to compliment the sophisticated yet sexy style of this top, I decided to wear my chic Mary Jane shoes. I wore a beret to match its retro style and obviously, the raw-hem cropped jeans were the casual modern touch that this look needed.

A Mix Of Prints, Textures And A Pop Of Color

When you read the title of this post, sounds like it's a lot going on, right? and I don't blame you. But my question was, how could I possibly come up with a look for all these characteristics without looking too busy? Well, the answer for me was to stick with the same temperature colors.
In this look, I'm wearing a double textured cardigan, with a slick and shiny pair of jeans. Both are the same color, therefore, the texture mixing between velvet, knit and waxed denim looks gentle but yet noticeable. The same goes with the mixed pattern in-between the leopard print and stripes. The turtle neck and shoes color combo are the same and, as you can see, they are positioned far apart from each other, adding fun accents but never overwhelming the ensemble.  And, for the pop of color, you just can't go wrong with a beautiful cobalt blue coat, which by the way, it's also a cool colored piece.

How To Wear White Kicks Without Looking Like A Tourist

How to wear white sneakers

Stark-white kicks are no longer the choice for tourists only. Nowadays (since four years ago to be exact), they have become a fashion statement for both men and women. I honestly believe this trend is not slowing down any time soon. I decided to take part in it, because I love styling around sneakers in general and also because I've lately been into a white-color obsession.
Now, the only question is: Can we kick them? Well, wearing all white sneaks can be a tad intimidating, but the only way to find out if we can rock them, is by taking chances and wearing them.
To me, an easy way to wear white kicks stylishly is by pairing them with slick pieces and feminine garments, or a combination of both.
Today what you seeing is a brand new pair of all-white sneakers, which by the way, made me feel like a kid again.
I wanted to style them with so many fun combinations, but since the weather is still cold, I decided to wear them with winter-friendly pieces.
What I had in mind was a comfortable look from head to toe, but at the same time, I did not want to look sloppy and careless. All of a sudden, a black and white look seemed like a great idea, however, I wanted to add a touch warmness, but not only color-wise; I also needed a warm coat to keep me warm while "touring" around town. Well, I ended up wearing a mixed pattern outfit with matching bag and shoe color. The coat is vintage and it has a very feminine style, so I thought it was a great piece to add juxtaposition.

Urban Guerrilla

How to wear combat boots

The snow storm might be over, but the cold weather and icy grounds continue to remind us that winter time is far from over. After spending all weekend in my house, I finally decided to get out and enjoy a sunny but cold day in downtown. Monday morning, besides craving scrambled eggs, I was also coveting for a comfortable military-inspired outfit to march around town. 


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