Fringe Black Skirt-Chambray Shirt

July 25, 2012

Oh boy!! I had fun with this Zara fringe skirt. The day was cloudy and humid, but not so hot. I decided to wear this fun skirt with H&M chambray, vintage belt, Marc Jacobs platforms and vintage Carlos Falchi bag. You must wear a fringe skirt with the right attitude. It has so much movement, so swinging those hips is I even felt like shaking it a little bit here and there.
I am just so happy that  I started feeling good again. Thanks to God for his blessings and for bringing this good feeling back to my shoulder.
 I must share another blessing...yesterday, my sweetheart bought me a Nikon D5100and a couple lenses. How awesome is that? Today, I played a little bit with it for the first time. So, the settings are not the best for a cloudy day, but I will get the hang of this baby soon. I do want to use "A" mode and manual as much as I can in order to master it. For now, pictures are not perfect, but much better than my other Iphone4's. I can't wait to be chasing my dogs for some fun shots as well.

And on my nails "Passionate Play" by Be nail polish.


  1. Lordy Cat,
    You have amazing legs!

  2. Thank u!! I can't wait to put them back to work again.


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