No Blues When Wearing a Chambray Shirt

May 13, 2013

Most times when I travel, I take one of my chambrays shirts, since for me it is one of the most versatile fashion pieces ever made. On my trip to Memphis, I wore my chambray shirt and paired it with comfy cotton shorts, my new Toms mirrored sunglasses and my favorite booties (so far). I was looking for a way to dress according to the town vibe and I most definitely managed to stay comfy and cool. 
The pictures next to the Blue Moon sign are the best for me, since Blue Moon is by far my favorite beer. If you like to enjoy a cold one here and there...give Blue Moon a try.
What a chambray shirt and a Blue Moon Beer have in common? They both keep you cool ;-)
For more pictures of my road trip, you are welcome to visit my INSTAGRAM

La mayoría de veces cuando salgo de viaje llevo conmigo una camisa de cambray, porque para mi es el atuendo mas versátil que hayan creado en el mundo de la moda. En mi viaje a Memphis, tuve la oportunidad de usarla con mis pantalones cortos de algodón y mis botines favoritos y confortables. Mi intención fue ponerme un conjunto que combinara con el ambiente de la ciudad, y la verdad que sí me las arreglé para pasarla comfortable y fresca.
Las fotos a la par de el rótulo de la cerveza Blue Moon son las que me gustan más, porque esa es definitivamente mi cerveza favorita. Si te gusta disfrutar una heladita de vez en cuando...prueba esta cerveza, pueda que te guste.
Para ver mas fotos de mi viaje y otros, eres más que bienvenida o bienvenido a visitar mi página del INSTAGRAM.

Hat/Sombrero: Target
Sunglasses/Gafas: Toms. Buy HERE
Shirt/Camisa: H&M
Tank-top/Camiseta: Kain Label. More of Kain HERE
Shorts/Pantalones Cortos: Anthropologie. Also worn HEREHERE and HERE
Booties/Botines: Dolce Vita 
Bag/Bolso: Handmade in Honduras (1970's)

How to wear a chambray shirt
Toms Sunglasses
Chambray shirt with shorts
I had the opportunity to meet Clyde Hopkins "The God Father of the Blues". He is such a friendly 90 year old fashionable man that happily welcomes everyone to come and enjoy some of his music and take a look at his souvenir store. I love the fact that I was wearing a hat almost as cool as his.
Clyde Hopkins Blues Singer


  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I love Blue Moon Beer and I also love Blues music...what a great post!!!


    1. Thanks, I am glad I was able to reach a Blues lover with this post.

  2. Really fun post, you are "happening" my dear!

    blue hue wonderland

    1. LOL...thanks Ann, you are always a great motivation.

  3. OMG! You and Clyde are adorable together. What a fun and flirty look. You've got such great gams girl!

    Sue xo

    1. LOL...thanks Sue. He was so much fun to talk. I bet he had tons of fun stories to share.

  4. me encanta el look!!

    1. Gracias guapísima!!! Ya visité tu blog y esta encantador. Te sigo en Bloglovin porque me encantó tu estilo.

  5. very nice look and photos!
    great post!

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    check out my blog!

  6. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I love everything about this post, however, your sunnies are the best part of your look. I am ordering a pair as soon I find a coupon code from his website.

    Jeff D

    1. Thanks Jeff!! Once a while you can find coupons through Ebates.


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