Two Ways For a Maxi Dress

May 16, 2013

As I mentioned before in this blog, Asheville is one of my favorite towns to hang out, eat out and vintage shop as well. It is such a groovy town in-between the mountains of North Carolina  and the locals are always friendly and in a relaxed mood, but don't ask me
So every time I visit the area I like to dress comfortable yet colorful, because we always end up walking more than we expected. My Converse Chuck Taylor's of course did not let me down again, they just get better and better as they age.
The first few pictures were taken at Salsa Restaurant, a cute and colorful place to enjoy some of Mexican and South American cuisine. Around lunch it was a tad cool, so I wore my oversized denim jacket and my colorful scarf to keep me warm. As the day went by, I decided to remove some of those layers and wear a denim vest instead, which I bought in their Urban Outfitters that same day. I kept the hat just because I am a hat addicted and I also hate to have too much sun in my face. Yes, I am a freak about that, sunscreen 45+ and a hat are always with me when I go outdoors for more than one hour.

Como he mencionado antes en este blog, Asheville es uno de las ciudades más preferidos para entretenerme, salir a comer o de compras. Es un pueblo bien pintoso entre las montañas de Carolina del Norte y los ciudadanos son muy gentiles y siempre andan relajados, pero no me pregunten porque...ja ja ja.
Así que cada vez que visito esa área me gusta vestirme cómoda y colorida, así como es ese pueblo. Claro que mis Chuck Taylors son parte de mi vestuario cómodo, y la verdad que nunca me decepcionan, entre más viejitos se sienten mejor.
Las primeras fotos fueron tomadas en el restaurante Salsa, el cual es un adorable y colorido rinconcito que ofrece comida Mexicana y de America del Sur. A la hora del almuerzo, el clima estaba un poquito fresco y por eso me puse mi maxi con mi chaqueta de lona y una pañoleta de seda. Luego en la tarde la temperatura comenzó a calentar y me deshice de unas cuantas capas, y decidí ponerme mi chaleco de lona, que a propósito lo acababa de comprar en la tienda de Urban Outfitters en esa ciudad.

Hat/Sombrero: Helene Berman via Outnet
Dress/Vestido: Ninety
Denim Jacket/Chaqueta de Lona: Vintage.
Denim Vest/Chaleco de Lona: Levis via Urban Outfitters. Buy HERE
Sunglasses/Gafas: Toms. Buy HERE

Chuck Taylor's Converse With Dress
Salsa Restaurant In Asheville
Puerto Rican Chicken PilonMaxi Dress with Converse Sneakers
Paisley Maxi Dress
Of course, he had to take a picture, too funny to let it go. I think he just likes my socks...LOL
Chuck Taylor's With Maxi Dress
Like I said, people in this town are always in a great mood ;-)
Maxi Dress With Sneakers
Denim Vest Outfit
At the end of the day, a glass of wine always comes handy.
Al final del día, una copa de vino siempre es bienvenida.
Toms Sunglasses


  1. I love maxi dresses. Sadly, the weather here is still ridiculously cold so I can only look at my maxis in the wardrobe and stroke them
    I also love how you combined the denim gilet with your maxi. It gave me an idea for my combos now. :)

    1. I am glad you like it! Maybe by next month you will have a better weather and get to enjoy all your summery clothes.

  2. Very interesting post sweety,

    Check my latest post about photo blogging tips!

    Kisses from Bucharest,


    1. Thanks Sylvia! I just read your post and you have very helpful tips.

  3. Anonymous9:15 PM

    I love your dress and hat.


  4. Anonymous4:54 AM

    I'm totally enamored with you in your maxi and chucks!

    1. Thanks, they ended up being a comfy combo.

  5. Love it! This look has it all - very chic dress and hat, and super comfy shoes and a carefree denim vest. Just perfect for a day trip! I also have similar outfits, oddly enough. :)) Although, I haven't started wearing hats yet, but I think I will soon! You look wooonderful in yours!!!


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