Playing With My Blues

January 16, 2015

Outfit with bright colors

It's only mid January and I already miss the warm weather. I don't know about you, but I personally can never get used to winter (I'm originally from an all-year-round warm weather country) and I always tend to get the blues here and there when the weather is cold and the sky is grey. So one of the things I do in order to cheer up around this time of the year besides enjoying a glass of red wine or working out, is wearing fun (to me) combinations like these two looks I'm sharing with you today.
I decided to play around with turquoise/teal type of blue and cobalt blue. I wore two different coats on that day, and I believe both coats added fun to my blues.

Es sólo a mediados de enero y ya me hacen falta las temperaturas cálidas. Yo no sé ustedes, pero yo personalmente nunca me acostumbro al invierno (soy originaria de un país con clima cálido todo el año) y de vez en cuando tiendo a sentirme un poco triste cuando el clima es frío y el cielo esta gris. Así que una de las cosas que hago con el fin de animarme a alrededor de esta época del año, además de disfrutar de una copa de vino tinto o hacer ejercicios, es ponerme combinaciones divertidas como estas dos que les estoy compartiendo el día de hoy.
Decidí jugar con un azul turquesa y azul cobalto. Ese día en particular me puse dos abrigos diferentes, y creo que ambos añadieron diversión a mi nostalgia. 

Leopard coat street style

Outfit with cropped jeans

LK Bennett boots

Outfit with leopard coat

70's fashion trend

Outfit with blue boots

Booties/Botines: LK Bennett
Jeans/Vaqueros: Levi's
Turtleneck/Cuello de tortuga: J. Crew
Red Trench/Abrigo rojo: Alvin Valley (old)
Leopard coat/Abrigo leopardo: Loft 
Bag/Bolso: Vintage
Sunglasses/Gafas: Vintage
Liberty pendant/Pendiente de libertad: Vintage


  1. I am left breathless by the stunning styling you create with layering. Awesome outfits, both appeal to me. And here I am missing winter after a stint in cold Europe, wanting to sport my favourite season's finds!
    You look fabulous Carelia!

    1. It's so nice to read this! Thanks Nicolene and I hope you get to enjoy your favorite finds soon.

  2. Absolutely stunning and so fun! You found just the right medicine for your Winter blues (even though, I am from cold climate originally, I am not a fan of cold weather, my blues are usually in November/December, it's getting better after days start getting longer). Take care of yourself, sending hugs xxx

    1. I think THAT is my problem with winter…the days are way too short and cold and I don't get the chance to enjoy outdoors as much as summer time ;-( Thanks Natalia for your comment.

  3. I love the red trench with the blues! It's like all techinicolor. POP!

  4. the combination of the blues and red is one of my favourites. I love the length and style of your jeans and your red trench is fabulous. You look great
    Lorna Mai

  5. I love the combinations of blue. The red coat really makes the outfit. I personally love winter since I have all the opportunities to layer and use the entirety of my closet.

    Theatricality by Mariah

    1. Thanks Mariah! You right about that. I do love to wear my coats and other pieces in my wardrobe myself, however I get a little depressed when I don't have the chance to do as many outdoors as I do in spring and summer time.


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