While In New Orleans

January 4, 2015

I spent Christmas Holidays with my family in New Orleans. I completely enjoyed the company of my loved ones, but I also enjoyed the city, which is one of my favorites in the USA. I have been posting pictures of my trip in my Instagram, however, early in the week I decided to create this post for the rest of my readers.

Pasé las vacaciones de Navidad con mi familia en Nueva Orleans. Disfruté completamente la compañía de mis seres queridos, pero también disfruté mucho la ciudad, la cual se ha convertido en una de mis favoritas. He estado publicando fotos de mi viaje en mi Instagram, sin embargo, a principios de la semana decidí crear este post para el resto de mis lectores. 

Since my sister's house was overloaded with family from Honduras, we decided to stay at the Magnolia Mansion. What a wonderful place in New Orleans and by the way, we didn't hear any ghost (famous haunted house) at midnight. We were only approached one night by a little girl in a white long dress asking for water ;-)

Ya que la casa de mi hermana estaba súper llena con familia que vino desde Honduras, nosotros nos decidimos quedar en la Mansión Magnolia. Qué lugar mas formidable para quedarse en New Orleans! y a propósito, no escuchamos ningún fantasma (la casa es famosa por sus fantasmas) a la media noche. Nosotros solo vimos una niña con vestido blanco la cual nos preguntó por agua de beber ;-) 

Hand reading, anyone??

If you visit New Orleans, I would recommend you to try a restaurant named Mayas. They serve authentic Latin (Central and South American) cuisine and wonderful Mojitos.

Si alguna vez se deciden visitar New Orleans, les recomiendo un restaurante llamado Mayas. Ellos sirven comida Latina (Centro y America del Sur) autentica y Mojitos divinos.

My youngest son was trying to carry me around the New Orleans famous Cemetery AND planning to put me on top of a tomb. He didn't realized how heavy I am lol. If you ask me, this is like paid back for all the time I carried him around (he was a big baby)

Mi hijo menor estaba tratando de llevarme en sus brazos alrededor del cementerio famoso de Nuevo Orleans Y con la intención de ponerme encima de una tumba alta. El se dio cuenta que soy mas pesada de lo que me miro. Bueno, un día tenia que pagar me por todo el tiempo que lo cargué a todos lados (el era un niño muy grande) 

Another restaurant that I want to recommend if you feel like trying a mix of good tacos, Caribbean and cajun dishes, then you must go to Rum House. I went twice in a week, which is something I don't usually do when I travel, but since the food was so delicious, we found ourselves "obligated" to comeback.

Otro restaurante que les quiero recomendar si sienten el antojo de comer deliciosos tacos al estilo Caribeño y platillos cajun, es la Casa del Ron. Yo no acostumbro ir a comer dos veces al mismo sitio cuando voy de vacaciones a una ciudad, pero estos tacos estaban tan sabrosos, que nos vimos "obligados" a regresar. 

And of course you can't leave New Orleans without going to Cafe Du Monde (New Orleans Tradition) for delicious beignets and coffee. The French market is near by, so you can burn the calories by walking through many interesting stores and stands.

Y no puedes dejar la ciudad de New Orleans sin visitar primero el Café Du Monde (tradición de New Orleans) por sus deliciosos beignets y cafecito con leche. El mercado Frances esta muy cerca allí, así que ya puedes quemar tu calorías mediante caminas apreciando muchos puestos de ventas interesantes. 

I still can't believe I forgot to pack a versatile hat, therefore, the first thing I bought in New Orleans was this blue hat (County Line) by Goorin Brothers. The employees at the store located in Magazine St. were more than helpful with information about their hats and showing us their selection.
I realized that a brimmed hat, a backpack, sunglasses, rain boots and a large tote are very important items for me to pack when I travel, regardless of the weather or place.

Todavía no puede creer que se me olvidó empacar un sombrero en mi maleta, por lo tanto, lo primero que compré en cuanto llegué a New Orleans fue este sombrero azul (County Line) de la marca Goorin Brothers. Los agentes de ventas de la tienda localizada en la calle Magazine, fueron mas que serviciales con información de sus sombreros y mostrándonos su selección.
Me he dado cuenta que un sombrero con ala, una mochila, gafas, botas para la lluvia y un bolso grande son artículos importantes para empacar en mi maleta no importando el clima o lugar. 


  1. Great photos! I love Nola

  2. Wow! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I remember going to Cafe du Monde myself and having delicious hot chocolate and beignets. I love the blue hat :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

    1. Thanks! Cafe du Monde chocolaté rocks! I just started craving for one right now ;-)

  3. Thank you for these fun photos and recommendations, Carelia. It was great to learn about your favorite places and things to try. I have never been to NO, but when I go, I'll be sure to check these places out. :) That hotel is glorious, and one little girl in a white gown is no prob at all. :) I can't believe that it was you who were heavy to carry - blame those rain boots and your hat! Your outfits are inspiring as always, and that necklace is a treasure. Happy 2015! xxx

    1. Happy 2015 Natalia! I really hope you get the chance to visit NOLA. It's a wonderful city with tons of culture and great cuisine.

  4. Beautiful photos from NOLA. I loved New Orleans so much the first time I went there (two years ago) I went back this September. Everything is positively photogenic there, especially YOU! Goorin Bros. make some beautiful hats. I can't wait to go back and shop for myself.


    1. Thanks so much Mrs. Franzos! I know exactly what you mean by loving it there and going back. I try to go as often I can to spend time with family, but also to enjoy the city. Every time I go, I find new places to visit.


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