Honeymoon Diary : Welcome To Puerto Rico

May 15, 2016 Old San Juan. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Honeymoon outfit

We are back from our honeymoon, but my heart is still in Puerto Rico. We had a such a great time from the moment we arrived until the last minute there. I've put some pictures together to give you an idea how our time was in Puerto Rico, in case you're considering traveling to the area.
As soon we arrived, we freshened up and headed to visit the obvious attractions and historical places in Old San Juan. We planned to explore the old city in the first two days and then explore the countryside for the remainder of the trip through the use of a rental car.

El Morro Castle

Brad and I felt tired from sitting down in airports and airplanes. Therefore, we were more than ready for a long walk throughout the city. Our Hotel El Convento is located in the heart of Old San Juan, so it was very easy to get around through the entire town by foot. The first place we visited was the San Felipe Del Morro Castle area; this is one of the most famous historical sites at the Old San Juan. Walking through their grounds was a neat experience, not only because the beauty of the old castle, but the energy of the locals.

What to wear at Old San Juan Puerto Rico

I brought with me some of my comfortable sandals, a pair of hiking shoes and only one pair of wedges. I was determined to have a great experience without worrying about achy feet.

San Felipe Del Morro

Honeymoon outfit

View from El Morro

We noticed that many of the locals were enjoying their evening while flying kites. The afternoon was perfect for that activity because the wind started picking up later in the evening. Brad started getting jealous about how much fun everyone was having with their kites, so he didn't hesitate much, and before I knew it, he started putting together his own kite. This picture was taken at the cemetery María Magdalena De Pazzis, which is located next to San Felipe De Los Morros castle and Barrio La Perla (I can't wait to tell you about this picturesque neighborhood in a future post).

Flying kites at San Felipe Del Morro

Flying kites at San Felipe Del Morro

Flying kites at San Felipe Del Morro

Vacation Outfit

Before the sunset, we continue walking throughout the old city, learning about their history and their historical sites. This picture was taking at La Rogativa Plaza. It's a very adorable plaza with a terrific view of the bay. La Rogativa means "The Procession," which tells the legend of a Catholic bishop and his companion who made a procession in faith holding crosses, torches and chanting due an invasion by the British on the city in 1797. The British thought they were Spanish army reinforcements and gave up the attack. What an interesting story!

La Rogativa

San Felipe Del Morro

What to wear to vacation in Puerto Rico

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

While heading back to the hotel, I took a few pictures of the vintage buildings in Old San Juan. Painting the buildings and residences in different colors is one of the Spanish traditions that I certainly miss. We don't get to see that in North Carolina; maybe only in South Carolina and Georgia you can see a few neighborhoods with this enchanting feel, particularly around the Savannah and Charleston areas.

Touring Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Brad loved the blue brick roads all over the town! He liked them so much that he brought a piece of loose brick as a souvenir. We both loved the cats all around Old San Juan. We had to ask why so many cats? They told us that the town had created a program where they protect the cats (tagged by a cut on one ear) so they can eat the unwanted pests. The locals feed them and you can too as a tourist, so bring your baggy of cat food. These beautiful animals will love you, and some even will follow you for the rest of your journey.

Old San Juan Cats

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

We stayed out long enough to see the beautiful sunset.

Tooled bag street style

Puerto Rico sunset

By the time we returned to our beautiful vintage hotel, all the corridors were illuminated with gas lamps, creating a beautiful and romantic atmosphere.

Hotel El Convento Old San Juan

When I made the hotel reservation, I mentioned that it was our honeymoon trip, hoping maybe they put some little chocolates or a little treat like that. To my surprise, the staff at The Convento Hotel waited for us to return from our walk through town and surprised us with fresh rose petals and delicious champagne and truffles. I have to confess that I was floored with the service of this hotel in our entire honeymoon.

Hotel El Convento Old San Juan

Just for the records, Hotel El Convento used to be a monastery back in the 1600s, and it's located across of the San Juan Cathedral. In 1903, the convent was closed by the Archbishop of San Juan and until 1959, the building started operating as a hotel.

Don't forget to click on pictures for a larger and clearer view. 

Hotel El Convento Old San Juan Puerto Rico

What I wore:
T-shirt: Vintage. Similar concept here.
Skirt: Vintage. See smilar by Easton Person or London Times.
Sandals: Marni.  Buy similar here.
Bag: Vintage. (from local vinage shop) Similar here.
Sunglasses: Tom Ford.
Earrings: Zara


  1. por favor que maravilla de sitio!! Tu ideal para hacer turismo

    1. Es muy lindo por allá! Y los habitantes de la isla so muy amables.


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