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June 30, 2016

Outfit with pencil skirt and brogues

Trends come and go pretty fast in the fashion industry, however, the stolen-from-the-boys trend looks like it's here to stay. I personally love the "boyfriend" concept in women's fashion but it's not because I'm trying to shy away from my feminity - as a matter of fact, it's the other way around. I truly believe that girly looks can benefit so much from masculine touches - it makes a perfect juxtaposition. I also believe in the opposite. I'm very drawn to a masculine-inspired outfit when it's styled with a couple of feminine touches. And because this styling concept is right up my alley, today I'm bringing you a look styled around a pair of men-inspired shoes.

Today, I'm showing you one look that I really had so much fun styling. For this opportunity, I went for less safe color choices and I selected two pairs of shoes with fun hues (stay tuned for my second look with another men-inspired shoe). I already own brogues in black and brown, so playfulness was desperately needed in my men-inspired shoe wardrobe. (see more looks here with other shoes)


Brogues street style

The first thing that drew my attention with this particular style was the color. It's fresh, fun and somehow, very unique on a men-inspired shoe. I also love the platform heel, and just because this is the newest and coolest twist for brogues and loafers (yes, I can be trendy like that).
I'm planning to style these shoes with neutrals as a pop of color and also with dark colors, for a fun and shocking contrast effect. But today, I decided to style them with patterns and colors that play out harmoniously with the shoes. Yes, there is some harmony in-between the colors, but I can't quite say the same about the garment's styles. There is more than one trend involved in this outfit, however, don't ask me why, but I believe they made a cool team together. Oh boy, is she confident or what?

Platform brogues street style

Platform brogues trend

How to style ethnic accessories

Brogues street style

Platform brogues street style look

Brogues street style

Shoes: Hardy c/o by Onlineshoes.com
Shirt: Equipment. Silk version here and linen here.
Skirt: H&M (old) See similar here (plus size) and regular size here.
Bag: Vintage
Belt: Handmade in Guatemala
Sunglasses: Valentino. Similar here.
Ring: c/o by RdM Jewelry

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