I Would Drape Myself In Velvet If It Were Socially Acceptable

September 22, 2016

All velvet look street style

...so says George Costanza, in one of the episodes of my favorite comedy TV series, Seinfeld. That quote comes to my mind every time I wear a garment made of velvet. Luckily today, velvet is the new fashion obsession that actually has been going on since last year and, judging by the designer's collections for 2017, it's going strong for next year as well. And by the way, due to the seasonless nature of fashion these days, don't be surprised to see velvet even around the warm weather months.
Today, even if the weather is still in the lower 70's, I decided to drape myself in velvet in order to welcome the first day of Fall. Almost everything in this look is vintage (love the quality of vintage velvet) from different eras, including my kicks.  As you see, I created a color-bock in order to add even more fun to this velvet bonanza and I wore sneakers to make it casual.

Velvet street style

Velvet blazer street style

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Velvet jacket street style

Velvet look street style

Fall outfit street style

Velvet dress street style


  1. Thanks for the morning laugh with the Seinfeld quote. You look lovely as usual.

    1. Thanks Julie! I'm glad my post got a laugh out of you :-) That quote always make laugh.

  2. Anonymous10:42 PM

    LOL...that was a clever title! and I dig your sneaks with velvet.

    1. Thanks! I'm a huge fan of that show, so I found that quote very appropriate for this look.


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