What To Wear For Beach Pictures

September 18, 2016 Lake Michigan

Sleeping Bear Dunes Michigan

Since last summer, I wanted to have pictures taken at the beach for this blog. I finally had the chance on Labor Weekend when we visited Lake Michigan's Sleeping Bear Dunes. If you've never been there, I must tell you that the place is breathtaking.
We waited until near sunset in order to avoid the early crowd and also to take advantage of a beautiful warm lighting. Despite the time, we were only able to take pictures in a limited area, because there were still people hanging out all over the dunes and we didn't want them in the background of our beach photos.

Summer is almost over, however, there are still warm days ahead for many of us, therefore, opportunities for beach pictures aren't over yet.
When deciding on what to wear for beach pictures in warm weather, there are several tips that photographers and their clients take into consideration. I will share with you the ones important for me and could be useful to you:

1. Wear flowy clothes.
I love how the wind plays with clothes and creates a beautiful movement. Long full skirts, maxi dresses, and wide-leg pants are perfect for this type of effect. In this opportunity, I wore a pair of overlapped wide-leg pants made of light fabric. As you can see the wind had its way with them.

Fashion editorial at the beach

2. Wear colors that compliment the surroundings like blue, aqua, green, turquoise and corals.
In my case, I wore patterns with those colors, and orange as well, in order to compliment the beautiful sunset. You also can wear white, but make sure you wear it with other colors or prints for a neat contrast.


Fashion photoshoot at the beach

3. Consider wearing breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen or any thin fabric that drapes and flow with the wind.
You don't want to wear stiff fabrics that will prevent you from moving freely and staying cool.


Bohemian look at the beach

4. Keep your jewelry and accessories minimal.
Avoid a crowded look. Beach pictures should give the message of freedom and lightness, therefore it's important to keep your look simple, but fun. One or two jewelry pieces should do it for these type of photos. And please, don't wear a purse (unless it's for blogging purposes).


Outfit with white embroidered top

5. No shoes, or take light sandals in your hand for show only.
Heavy shoes don't make sense at the beach. Seeing feet touching the sand is the ideal look. I only wore my Marni sandals for photos at the wooden deck as we were living the area (part of my photo-shoot story).


What to wear for beach pictures

6. Wearing sunglasses is an option but it's more appropriate taking the pictures without them. 
You want to be able to see people's eyes and their expression while enjoying the beach. Unfortunately in my case wearing sunglasses is a necessity. Sunshine can trigger bad migraines and that is the last thing I wanted to have at the beach. Quick note: If you wear mirrored sunglasses, look at the horizon or away for a cool mirrored effect. 


What to wear for beach pictures

7. Keep your makeup natural. 
If you wear liquid foundation, try to keep it light and also with the blush, lipstick, and eye makeup. A too made-up face is not an attractive look for the beach. By the way, avoid wearing sticky lipglosses, because they are bad news when the wind is blowing sand.

Beach outfit

8. Wear a hat if you like, but not a baseball cap.
The hat should complement your breezy, boho-like outfit, so I would recommend a floppy or full- brimmed hat. I usually wear hats for outdoorsy photo-shoots, however, the wind started picking up around sunset and I did not want to lose my hat.

Bohemian beach outfit

9. And last but not least, whatever you decide to wear, make sure that you love it.
You need to feel comfortable and confident because pictures will emanate those feelings.

What to wear for beach pictures


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