The Champion Piece

January 7, 2017

If you are around my age then you should remember the famous Champion hoodies. Back in the 90's these hoodies were worn by the ones that wanted to look casual and yet cool. Wearing a hoodie was the easiest way to bring warmth and a chic factor to our looks. Nowadays, hoodies became more like a lazy attire, the garment that we tend to wear when we don't feel like standing out from the crowd. Well, my friends, it's time to change things to the way they were back in the day and look at the hoodie as the garment that will bring some edge to our style. Remember, in fashion, looking back is acutally thinking forward.

My advice is to wear this piece with combos that you never thought possible. Introduce your new or old hoodie to your outfits possibilities and make combinations that will make you smile. Wear your hood up when you don't feel like wearing a beanie on a cold day. Give your hood all its potential, after all, this is one of the most versatile sporty garment there is.

To me a hoodie is like the American poncho, it will keep you warm and stylish regardless. I love all hoodies but Champions are my favorites. They are well made, therefore they last forever. Actually Champion was the originator of the sweatshirt hoodie back in 1919, so they know what they are doing.


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