Tough With Pink

January 11, 2017

I still can't believe I'm wearing a pair of solid pink pants. Yes, I've decided to improve my relationship with all shades of pink. I love to wear masculine colors, such as green, blue and neutral hues as well. So, what I will do is try to mix pink with those colors that I gravitate the most to. I personally love how pink looks with black and gray, so you will see more combinations like this throughout my blog. 

I've always found a special place in my heart for peg pants. I love the ease and comfort that they offer, besides, they can be worn with all type of shoes, including combat boots. By the way, I've got to tell you that at first, I was going to wear this look with a pair of pumps, but after I saw how slippery the ground was outside, I reconsidered my selection. After all, the boots brought the right amount of toughness that this pretty-in-pink look.

Pink pants street style


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