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January 28, 2017

Silk scarf street style

Silk scarves have always been a fashion weakness for me. I love the fact that they can enhance a minimalist person's wardrobe or bring even more fun to the maximalist. There are tons of ways to wear a silk scarf, in fact, they are more versatile than wool scarves because you can wear them all year round.
Every time I go out shopping, I look carefully for silk or silk-like scarves in different sizes. The large scarves are my favorites, however, I don't underestimate the power of a stylish small scarf (see a couple looks here and here)

Gingham pants street style

I was immediately attracted by this particular scarf because of its message. I'm a Christian, therefore, I don't mind to share a spiritual message through fashion, mainly these days, that regardless of our religion, positive messages should be shared more often.

Silk scarf street style

My first outfit with my scarf, as you see, is casual. The weather was around 60 degrees, so I could get away with wearing a simple sweatshirt, however, enhanced with a chic pair of gingham pants and my scarf.

Gingham pants street style

...and to match the silver tones in my scarf, I decided to wear my classic silver oxfords; that, besides being reliable, are super comfortable.

How to wear gingham pants


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