A 40+ Version Of Jane Birkin's Style

June 1, 2017

Jane Birkin Inspired Look

Fashion to me is about having fun dressing up like whatever or whoever I feel. My sources of inspiration vary because as I said before, I have a truly emotional style. That being said, I often see myself collecting photos from fashion icons from the past such as Bianka Jager, Anna Karina and Jane Birkin. The neat thing about getting inspired by others style is that we can make our own unique interpretation by using the things that we already love or have in our wardrobes.

Jane Birkin's Style

Jane Birkin, the England-born and France-based actress, had a style that is copied over and over by fashionistas including designers. Her easy, breezy and boho looks were (and still are) admired by women of any age or background. Look at me, I'm a 46 year-old Honduran woman and her style is totally appealing to me. In my opinion, despite any physical differences, we all can benefit from someone's else sense of style. Talking about style, how about this ridiculously cute t-shirt that has the perfect fun 😻 touch for any laid-back/casual look? I'm so tickled about its cuteness. I know, I'm no longer in my 20'r or 30's, but I still love quirky graphic t-shirts. You can't take fashion too serious;  because in my opinion, even the most professional look needs a touch of fun.

Elise Charmin T-shirt

Jane Birkin's style

T-shirt: Elise Chalmin/Jeans: Lee (vintage)/Sandals: Bruno Magli (vintage)/Sunglasses: Vintage/Bag: UO (sold out)/Hoops: Michael Kors. 

Jane Birkin Inspiration

Jane Birkin Outfit Inspiration

Jane Birkin Style Outfit

Jane Birkin Inspired Look

Jane Birkin's Style

Jane Birkin's Style

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  1. Samantha Hibbert4:07 PM

    Love these photos of Jane Birkin. Wow. She looks amazing. Love your heart t shirt homage to her.


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