The Floral Summer Dress

June 3, 2017

Floral sundress street style

Even though Summer isn't my favorite time of the year, I completely enjoy wearing light dresses. Dresses, in general,  are so easy to style and if they are printed, even better. In my opinion, every woman should have a floral dress in their wardrobe for those days that you want to look extra feminine.
The dress I'm wearing today is ancient. This beauty has been a lifesaver for many years. The day I bought it, I knew I was going to get a lot of mileage out of it (See more outfits here, here and here) and I definitely did. Now, my dress started looking tired and I even fixed some loose stitching in order to save it for another round.
So this week, I've been looking for the perfect replacement all over the internet and stores. There are so many beautiful choices out there, so this task is getting harder as I continue searching.

Floral sundress street style

I totally love the length of this dress, however, I'm willing to replace it with one with a longer length but never shorter. I'm also very fond of the small floral print. I believe this is one characteristic that makes this dress very versatile and flattering.
I must confess that in order to keep my dress in a decent shape all these years, I send it to the dry-cleaner frequently. When you have a garment in your wardrobe that you love and you wish to have for many years to come, you must go an extra mile with its care.

Floral sundress street style

Now, I'm going to show you the dresses that I like so far. I'm still making my mind in between a couple of them:

Floral sundress street style



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