Monday Work Outfit With Tartan Plaid And Other Fun Prints

November 12, 2017

Tartan Plaid Street Style

Lately, my glen plaid blazers are getting all the love! A couple weeks I realized that my tartan blazer needed some love as well. It's been a long time since I've worn it, however, I'm not planning to get rid of it. This blazer's print has an English or Scottish heritage charm, and that's exactly why I want to keep it.
Today, I decided to wear it for my "Monday Work Outfit", therefore, I styled it suitable for the office.
As you most of you know, mixing prints is my weakness, so you probably won't be surprised by today's outfit.

A tartan print by itself is statement enough but it can also look terrific next to similar prints or with prints in a completely different category. As you can see, that's exactly what I did with this outfit. I wore it with an equestrian print (scarf) and jacquard fabric pants which, in my opinion, make harmony with tartan print. The leopard-printed coat was the perfect juxtaposition to make the tartan printed blazer look even more interesting.

Tartan Plaid Street Style

There are four details to notice on this outfit that you may want to take into consideration:

1- All the garments in this outfit have a classic style, therefore, even when they're made of fun prints, they don't look too trendy or too much when styled all together for work.

2- My prints have at least one color in common, which is blue. This is a very important detail because it helps to bond all the prints together.

3. I wore patterns of different scales in order to achieve a dimensional look. Keep in mind that whichever part of your body you decide to wear your large prints, that is the part that will stand out the most.

Leopard Coat Street Style

4. Adding solid-colored pieces to your mix is a must since those are the ones that separate and frame your prints. With a mix like this, I wore solid pieces within the same hue (black) and this is because I didn't want to overwhelm the prints.

If you're afraid of wearing too many prints for work, try only two, then eventually you might feel comfortable enough to add a third or even a fourth.

Tartan Plaid Street Style

Coat: Loft (old)/Blazer: Vintage/Blouse: Equipment/Pants: Loft/Bag: Coach (vintage)/Sunglasses: Tom Ford/Shoes: Summit.

Ballet Pumps Street Style

Tartan Plaid Street Style

Leopard Coat Street Style
Tartan Plaid Street Style

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