Monday Work Outfit - Khaki, Stripes, And Leopard

August 5, 2018

This year, I recognized the need of accruing a few khaki-colored bottoms. So far, I've invested in one cropped pant with a longer style. Even though I already own a pleated khaki skirt, it's more suitable for casual looks, so I decided to purchase a simpler A-line style. The one I'm wearing today was my best bet. The price is affordable and looks like it was well made (so far, so good) by a fast retailing company that seems to care about sustainability.

Now, moving to this Monday Work Outfit, as you can see I kept my look simple, fun and yet appropriate for most offices. I wore very classic pieces but the vivid blue striped shirt and leopard belt made this look a little or a lot less boring. In my humble opinion, mixing patterns, whether it's done in big proportions or in a subtle way, can truly contribute to make your basics look less basic.

You probably noticed that I mentioned "sustainability" above. Yes, I've decided to change the way way I shop for my small wardrobe. This is a change that I've been working toward since last year. Having a 100% sustainable wardrobe is rather hard to attain, but maybe not impossible for some people. My goal is, by next Summer, to have a wardrobe replenished with at least 70 percent of ethical and environmental responsibly well-made garments. These changes also will contribute to make my wardrobe even smaller. Focusing on quality rather than quantity is still my goal and of course, I keep moving toward everlasting fun style.
I'm aware that I have to stick to my needlist in order to succeed with this morphing process. Avoiding impulse shopping is for sure helpful. Little by little, I'm getting to know more fashion companies with a good impact report and with great well-made garments and, at a reasonable price.

Skirt: Uniqlo/Shirt: Banana Republic. (old)/Shoes: Manolo Blahnik/Belt: J Crew/Sunglasses: Tom Ford/Bag: Everlane.


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