A Button-Down On Point

August 15, 2018

By now, you probably have noticed my fixation for button down shirts. Yes, this is the style shirt that isn't only a staple but also a hero piece in my wardrobe. Back in the 80's and even 90's I used dislike button-down shirts, believe it or not. The reason behind my disfavor for this classic shirt was the gap in-between the buttons around my bust area. It doesn't matter how polished my outfit was, that gap would make my ensemble look tacky. This was as bad as wearing poorly groomed shoes, probably even worse.
At the beginning of the 2000's I started getting better about identifying, right away, when a blouse will have those gaps in-between the buttons. I also learned how to buy my button-downs one size larger in order to avoid tightness around my chest area. As a matter of fact, I prefer now my button-down shirts with a bit of extra room because I find them more versatile than the super-fitted ones.

Finding the perfect button down shirt requires patience, but after trying so many styles and brands, I pretty much can identify the ones that will work for me right away. I usually pay attention to the location of the buttons. If the shirt has a button placed above my chest and one below, this shirt will definitely gap. If the shirt has a button placed on the highest part of my chest, then more likely this shirt won't gap. The one I'm wearing today is the perfect example of a perfect button-down for a busty gal like me. Talking about being busty, wearing the right bra can also help immensely avoiding the boob gap. I personally wear non-padded/minimizer bras that have a great fit and of course, without boob spillage on the sides.

To style this terrific button-down, I decided to sport a masculine-inspired look but with a couple of feminine touches. I often wear this outfit formula because it's practical, fun and yet chic. This is why I love to have great button-down shirts in my wardrobe. Today, I paired my new dotted shirt with one of my favorite jeans and my favorite hat. Both pieces have a masculine style which looked great next to the feminine polka dot print and pearl necklace. I also accentuated the masculine vibes by wearing my new pair of brogues, which I'm loving because of their classic and yet understated style.
I'm sure you've noticed that in some photos my shirt is tucked and others untucked. I did this to show you that a great button-down shirt, besides having a great fit around the chest area, also has to look right when untucked as well.
I personally don't like untucked shirts sitting too high on my hips. I like them longer and yet a tad loose. I want to be able to rase my arms freely without worrying about showing skin front and back, because to me this is as bad as having boobie-gap.

Shirt: Untuckit/Jeans: J. Brand/Shoes: Nisolo/Hat: Montecristi (Optimo style panama/vintage)/Bag: Vintage/Sunglasses: Tom Ford/Watch: Bulova.

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