When I Travel Ground, I Travel First Class

August 10, 2018

I love road trips. In fact, I'd much rather travel ground (when is possible) than an uncomfortable flight. I don't fly first class and if you don't either, you'll know what I mean when I say "uncomfortable". When I travel ground, however, I consider that it's by first class because I can bring all the luggage I want, the food I want, stop anywhere I want, take spontaneous and fun detours when I want and more importantly, breathe fresher air. It's actually better than first class.

Road trips to me are a sort of relaxation therapy and yet a good opportunity for conversations when traveling with company. Traveling to me isn't only about getting to a fun destination but also about all the things that happen along the way.

So, what do I wear for road trips? Well, whether they're short or long, I like to wear comfortable clothes. When the weather is warm, I prefer to wear natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. If I wear denim, it has to have a tad bit of elastane in the fabric in order to feel super comfy all around. I avoid stiff clothes that will suffocate me during my trip. That being said, I've made wrong choices with clothes in road trips but, luckily, I can pull over at any rest station and do the appropriate changes. See? Another beauty about traveling ground.

One thing never changes when taking road trips, I always wear a hat. I love to enjoy the view through my window but I also like to protect my skin from the sun. Whether the weather is dry or wet, I usually pack my rubber boots because I never know in what kind of adventures we will get throughout our trip. Spontaneity is what makes my road trips fun, therefore, packing the "just in case" is a must and not a luxury. Remember, since I'm traveling ground, I can pack a lot at no extra cost. And talking about over-packing, the luggages you see in this photo were only for an overnight trip...lol. Yes, I'm spoiled like that!

Shorts: Madewell/Top: Handmade in Honduras/Sandals: Free People/Hat: Handmade out of burlap/Sunglasses: Vintage (Givenchy)/Duffel and roller bag: Mona B /Leather tote: WP Standard/Bracelets: Souvenir from Belize.


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