Wearing The Graphic Tee and Jeans Combo Like An Adult

Wearing vintage Levi's jeans

High-Waist Wide-Leg Cropped Jeans.

Bandana Tie

The IT Jacket

Oversized denim jacket trend
Besides jeans and denim skirts, denim jackets are also some of my wardrobe staples. From time to time, I like to update or even customize them to give them an edgier or fresher look. Not too long ago, I realized that I was missing an oversized denim jacket, but one that was free from holes or patches in a versatile medium wash. I knew, this time, it had to be a men's vintage because I love the way their sleeves are roomy, and so it can be styled in layers without feeling like I have sausage arms.

Tips For Buying Vintage Levi's Jeans

How to shop for vintage Levi's

I wouldn't consider myself a professional at shopping for vintage Levi's, however, I've learned by trial and error a few tips on how to score the right pieces for me. Unfortunately for cyber shoppers, the most reliable way to shop for vintage, in general, is by actually going to the store and trying on the garments. I understand that not everyone has the time or the stores nearby to shop personally for vintage denim jeans, but this can be dangerous because you might end up disappointed by receiving jeans that did not meet your expectations. And as most of you know, the mayority of  vintage purchases aren't returnable and jeans are not the exception.

Today I'm wearing one of my favorite jeans by Levi's, and they're the famous 501's, but vintage. I love vintage jeans in general, because they are more flattering, their quality is superb and they can easily be customized.

Transform Your Unwanted Jeans Into Bermuda Shorts

Straw bag street style

We all probably have a pair of jeans that isn't getting enough love, but for some reason we are not ready to get rid of them. In my case and unfortunately, I have more than one pair, but I finally made the decision to let them go, except one black pair. These long Bermudas were once a pair of cropped, wide-leg flared jeans...yes, the combo sounds a bit scary, but sometimes wearable when paired with the right pieces. However, that wasn't good enough for me. Therefore, I needed to either let them go or transform them into something else.

Blanc Space

All white outfit

Wearing an all-white-look can be very tricky, but if you love a particular color and want to enjoy the monochromatic trend, then try it. We all know that practice makes perfection, therefore, you can always try different looks in front of your mirror. Take a few pictures then analyze what needs to be removed from your outfits.
Everybody has a different taste in everything in life, so the things that work for you will not be doable for me, however, I'd like to share with you the three things I take into consideration when I wear a monochromatic look:

1. I try to play a little bit or a lot with textures. As you can see, my shoes have a snakeskin texture, which it plays nicely against a smooth leather bag.

2. I try to wear different hues of the same color. If you notice, the pieces in this outfit have different shades of white. My bag and shoes have a grayish hue and my dress a true white shade. The difference in between the whites is subtle but good enough to give this look some dimension.

3. I must defenetely put on some makeup. Yes, white can wash you out even when you have very tan skin. Therefore, I wear a noticeable lipstick color and some blush.


Total white look street style

Wearing all white

Outfit with white shift dress

If you aren't gutsy enough to wear one color from head to toe, you can wear your accessories from different hues, but don't stray too far from the main color because you'll want to keep the look harmonious. Now, if you are a fan of high contrast (see some looks herehere and here. ), then by all means, add a striking color, a print or a completely different hue to your look.
Remember, whichever way you decide to wear your monochrome look, make it fun and wear it with confidence.

How to wear white on white

Wearing Isabel Marant Flats

Dress: Gap. Similar/Shoes: Isabel Marant. Similar/Bag: Mansur Gavriel./Sunglasses: Kate Spade. Similar/Bangles: Vintage. Similar/Lipstick: YSL.

1960's street style fashion

How to wear an all white outfit

All white street style

All white street style


Print Clash

Striped shorts street style

When mixing prints, I normally like to follow one of the main rules such as pairing patterns with at least having one color in common. Today, I decided to break that rule and do a clashing of patterns. I've always considered and used stripes and animal prints patterns as neutrals, so in this opportunity, I combined the two of them; but as you can see, they don't share the same colors. The combo doesn't look so crazy because both garments have patterns with colors that are easy on the eyes.

My Effortful Attempt To French Style

Ballet flats street style

I'm sure you have heard the phrase effortless-chic way too many times in the fashion world, but what is effortless, really? I get a little bothered by this concept because it's becoming overrated and simply because it will never be possible for me to apply it to my everyday life.
In my opinion, being effortless for a woman is to be perfect or flawless without needing to make the effort to look beautiful. Why an effort? She wakes up every morning with smooth and rosy skin; her undone hair falls beautifully regardless of the length; she has a body that doesn't need the torture of ab crunches or pull-ups because she is so thin and well-proportioned that everything hangs smoothly. Well, my friends, that is not me and simply because I do make a significant effort every day to look decent. From the moment I step out of my bed I have to do certain beauty, health, and fashion rituals before I feel like I'm ready to head out the door. Believe me - that takes a lot of effort. Just putting on my makeup and trying to camouflage all my blemishes requires significant effort, not to mention time. I guess I'll never be effortless, but I'm not aspiring to be, because it's all a facade. I love to make an effort to everything I do in life. It's just more fun that way and it also makes me feel more accomplished when I know I've given it my best, including when I'm getting dressed.

Metallic Pop

As we all know, metallic hues are commonly associated with holidays or evening wear. However, nowadays fashionistas all over the globe (including myself) are rocking a touch of razzle-dazzle with casual, everyday outfits. If you are new to this trend,  wearing metallic footwear is the easiest way to introduce the sparkle to your outfit.
I don't mind once in a while to trade in my plain Jane shoes for something with a little more luster.


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