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July 24, 2016

Oversized denim jacket trend
Besides jeans and denim skirts, denim jackets are also some of my wardrobe staples. From time to time, I like to update or even customize them to give them an edgier or fresher look. Not too long ago, I realized that I was missing an oversized denim jacket, but one that was free from holes or patches in a versatile medium wash. I knew, this time, it had to be a men's vintage because I love the way their sleeves are roomy, and so it can be styled in layers without feeling like I have sausage arms.

Recently, I found the right one for me. It's a vintage by Levi's at a very reasonable price. I know I will treasure it for years to come because the style is simply timeless.


Wearing men's denim jacket

A denim jacket is an extremely versatile piece. You  can pull it off in several ways, ranging from easy and breezy with a white T-shirt or elevate it with beautiful dresses.

While the denim jacket had evolved since 1880 when it was first created by Levi's, the functionality and coolness of today's denim jackets remain the same. Just look at those street-style photos from New York and Europe; people are finding new magical ways to sport this immortal piece.

Oversized denim jacket street style

To me, a denim jacket can be as important as a pair of jeans. Therefore, I always pay attention to their quality and style before I commit to acquiring.  If you think about it, a denim jacket is the easiest pieces to grab on a run, and you know, it will probably compliment 99% of your ensembles. Denim jackets get tons of use and abuse, therefore, the better the quality the longer it will last and of course, it will age beautifully.

Levi's denim jacket street style

In my humble opinion this year, you should expand your denim staples and consider to invest in a denim jacket if you haven't already done so. Whether you like them with a classic fit, cropped or oversized,  I promise this piece will bring so much coolness to even your most average look.

Denim on denim street style

Jacket: vintage 80's. Similar/T-shirt: Barney's New York/Skirt: Gap. Similar/Shoes: Summit/Bag: Valentino. Similar/Sunglasses: YSL. Similar.

How to wear an oversized denim jacket

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