My Effortful Attempt To French Style

July 7, 2016

Ballet flats street style

I'm sure you have heard the phrase effortless-chic way too many times in the fashion world, but what is effortless, really? I get a little bothered by this concept because it's becoming overrated and simply because it will never be possible for me to apply it to my everyday life.
In my opinion, being effortless for a woman is to be perfect or flawless without needing to make the effort to look beautiful. Why an effort? She wakes up every morning with smooth and rosy skin; her undone hair falls beautifully regardless of the length; she has a body that doesn't need the torture of ab crunches or pull-ups because she is so thin and well-proportioned that everything hangs smoothly. Well, my friends, that is not me and simply because I do make a significant effort every day to look decent. From the moment I step out of my bed I have to do certain beauty, health, and fashion rituals before I feel like I'm ready to head out the door. Believe me - that takes a lot of effort. Just putting on my makeup and trying to camouflage all my blemishes requires significant effort, not to mention time. I guess I'll never be effortless, but I'm not aspiring to be, because it's all a facade. I love to make an effort to everything I do in life. It's just more fun that way and it also makes me feel more accomplished when I know I've given it my best, including when I'm getting dressed.


French Fashion Style

Today, I'm showing you a look based on basics pieces, which a couple of them I only recently acquired. These are basic pieces that were desperately needed in my wardrobe. I know I'll be able to mix and match them with other non-basic garments. In this opportunity, I decided to wear them together in an attempt to "French style". I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to wear them without looking like I was "trying too hard", but soon I realized that I was already trying too hard just by thinking how to wear basic pieces.
As I said many times before, I'm an emotional fashionista, so whether this look was a hit or miss, at least I got it out of my system, and no, I'll never call it effortless, simply because it isn't.

Parisian style inspiration

Ballet pumps

How to style a basic striped dress

French style outfit

Classic style outfit

DressJ. Crew (recent)/Shoes: Summit (recent)/Bag: Kate Spade (old).Similar/Bandana scarf (recent). Similar/SunglassesTom Ford (c/o)/Watch: Bulova. Similar.



  1. Amen sister. :) Love the Effortful look. Congrats on your recent marriage too. Been meaning to say it, but I've been thinking it for sure!

    1. Thank you my dear!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Estás preciosa con este vestido! Me encanta el detalle de la bandana anudada al cuello, le da mucho estilo al look. Un saludo!!

    1. Muchas gracias, guapa! A veces detalles pequeños pueden hacer una diferencia enorme.


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