Rainy Day? I Keep On Moving!

March 7, 2018

This past week we encountered a couple days of rain. The weather wasn't really cold, so it was actually fun being outside on a rainy Winter day. You know me, I can get along with the rain most of the time. Rain usually doesn't stop me from getting things done, including blog shoots. The day when these photos were taken I wasn't planning for a rainy day shoot, but I had to change some plans and yet get the work done. I spent all day in this outfit and I must tell you that I enjoy wearing color or fun pieces on days like this. Besides, I had the chance to wear my cute turban for a blog post and my amazing Hunter boots.

As a nautical style fan, I decided to wear a look with a maritime vibe. The colors, stripes, and prints were quite right for styling them together. I did a sort of matchy-match styling mainly with the green pieces and a strong contrast by adding red. The navy color was my neutral touch that grounded my colorful look a bit.
I hope you enjoy this photo-shoot and hopefully, it'll give you some sort of inspiration in your next casual rainy day.

Coat: Alvin Valley/Pullover: Orcival-France/Skirt: Vintage/Boots: Hunter/Turban: Gift from a friend/Scarf: Vintage/Umbrella: Totes/Bag: Banana Republic..


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