6 Tips For Wearing All-Pink To Work Without Looking Like Cotton Candy

April 29, 2019

In the workforce world, wearing a lots of pink can be a bit of a challenge. Wearing a monochromatic outfit to work in other colors such as black, white or even red seem to not be an issue, but with pink, it could be constructed as too sweet, too soft, too fluffy or too nice. As  many of you know, just a few years ago, I wasn't very fond of pink. That being said, I knew the possibilities of this color, mainly in my wardrobe, which has lots of neutrals. Pink is universally flattering. Regardless of your skin tone, there is the right pink for you out there. Influenced by the potential of pink, I started embracing it little-by-little, to the point to feel very comfortable wearing it from head-to-toe.

So, if you feel like following in my footsteps with my approach to pink, then you might like a few tips on how to wear an all-pink look to work without raising your coworker's eyebrows.

Tip #1 Wearing a monochromatic look is fun, but it's even more fun when you wear different hues of that color. Why? Because it creates a dimensional effect that steer your look away from looking flat. You don't want to look like a walking cotton candy or a bottle of Pepto, so you need separation in between the pinks.

Tip #2 Use colors such as black or navy to add a strong contrast. These two colors are perfect to add a touch of strength, authority and formality to any shade of pink. I chose to use a black handbag as the punch toughness for this look.

Tip #3 Wear prints! Yes, prints are by far the best addition to ANY monochromatic look. Prints add distraction, which in this case, is a good thing. You can choose prints with fun hues or neutrals or both, like I did in this look.

Tip #4 When accessorizing a monochromatic look, try to find at least one accessory that will match the other hues in your prints. For example, my earrings are matching beautifully the turquoise blue on my scarf, which by the way, I paid a $1 for this beautiful scarf at a thrift shop in Grand Rapids, MI.

Tip #5 Wild prints, such as leopard or snake can be such a game changer when wearing a pink monochrome look. Animal prints are by far the most powerful and daring prints, but they are also classic and sophisticated when chosen in neutral hues. These prints can add a very chic touch to your monochrome look. Small doses of this print can be enough to make your all-pink look more fierce.

Tip #6 We already talked about wearing different hues of pink in an outfit. That being said, you must pay attention where you wear the lightest shade of pink. Why is that? Simply because, whatever part of your body you wear the lighter hue, that is the part that will appear to look larger. In other words, if you don't want to make your upper or lower body to appear bigger, then chose the darkest shade of pink for that area. In my case, I chose the lower body.

Well my loves, I hope these six simple things come in handy to you when you decide to wear a pink monochromatic look or any monochromatic look in general. I really enjoyed talking about this because pink has become my second favorite colorful hue after red and blue. For more work outfits inspiration, please feel more than welcome to navigate through out my Monday Work Outfit category.

P.S... Have you noticed the eye makeup that I was sporting that day? This all-pink outfit put me in the mood of a very dark smokey eye. I won't recommend to wear that much eye makeup for work, but in my defense, I had a social event to go to that night.

Shirt: Brooks Brothers/Pants: Topshop/Scarf: Thrifted/Earrings: Vintage/Bag: Coach (vintage)/Pumps: Yves Saint Laurent. 


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