Matching A Denim Jacket With Jeans - How I Made It Work

April 17, 2019

I know you have heard or read many times that when wearing double denim the best bet is pairing contrasting hues rather than matching them. Yeah, yeah, this rule sounds about right but that doesn't mean that it can't be modified or broken. I personally find certain fashion rules a challenge that put my brain to work trying to figure out how to break them stylishly and realistically.
So today, I'm sharing with you this matching double-denim look that didn't come in a set. These are two separately purchased pieces. The denim jacket is vintage 1990's and the jeans were a recent acquisition. They have an almost identical wash and they also share a relaxed vibe. In order to make them work together I had to come up with a contrasting detail that somehow would separate the pieces and yet keep them connected. Yes! as you can see, I used a warm-hued belt for that effect. The belt not only kept my denim pieces from looking too monochromatic but also added a fun definition to my waist and proportion to the overall look.

I like the Western vibes of trucker jackets in general, so in this opportunity I decided to accessorize it accordingly. I felt like turquoise and silver accessories played well with the overall western vibe of the denim. Oh by the way, have you noticed how I placed my stretchy concho necklace over my head scarf? That was a fun styling that I've honestly never seen it done before, but I ended up loving it. Now, in order to steer away from a customey look, I opted to wear a pair of funky platform sandals that had nothing to do with Western and a basket bag that has an island vacation feel.

Whether you agree or disagree with this styling, don't forget to drop a few words at the bottom of this post. I always love to read your opinion about the way I style my looks.

Jacket: Vintage Levi's/Jeans: Gap/Sandals: Marni/Belt: Vintage/Scarf: Vintage/Earrings: Vintage/Turquoise bracelet: Gifted/Silver cuff: Argento Vivo/Turquoise ring. Antique/Eagle ring: Vintage/Orange turquoise ring: Gifted.


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