The Perfect White Shirt Dress

May 8, 2019

I'm a sucker for timeless shirt fact, I'm a happy owner of three. Shirt dresses are my favorite ready-to-go choice for Spring and Summer and sometimes with a little of creativity I can make them work in cold-weather months. That said, shirt dresses have the reputation of being boring due their simple and clean silhouette. To me, those are actually the characteristics that makes these dresses versatile, therefore, desirable for me. Shirt dresses are the best candidates for innovative styling, whether you wear them for work or for off-duty.

Now, a white shirt dress is by far one of the most versatile dresses there is, however, it can be tough to find the right one. In order to get the most mileage out of a shirt dress in general, it's important for me to find the one that looks and feels right on my body. I personally love shirt dresses with a relaxed silhouette, but not quite oversized. I've learned by experience that a too oversized shirt dress can look silly and overwhelming on my frame. I must confess that I usually take my sweet time finding the right shirt dress, which by the way, I'm wearing it today.

One of the reasons that makes me to love this shirt dress (and the ones in my wardrobe) is the fact that it can be cinched, however, it also looks terrific without a belt. You know I love to cinch a lot of my outfits, but this time a belt wasn't necessary in order to feel and look feminine. Another fact that I love about this dress is that I don't need a slip because the fabric is modest enough to conceal my undies. The length of the dress is also very appropriate for my height...yes!! I can lift my arms without showing my undergarments. If you follow my Instastories you probably saw me playing a game of pool with my hubby wearing this dress. I also was able to bend down shooting pool freely without any worries of exposing too much. Notice that the hem line of the dress is uneven, meaning that the back is longer than the front and that's a plus for me in case the dress shrinks an inch or so. The fact that dress was made of 100% cotton makes me think that slight shrinkage might happen after a couple of washes.

I must mention that I like a white shirt dress with long sleeves, because it makes it wearable in cold weather months. This dress is just full of good qualities that I couldn't pass up. And last but not the least, the thing I love about this dress is that has a front pocket and side pockets. Those two details were like icing on the cake. So there you have it, my perfect white shirt dress, which, by the way,  I had quite a few compliments about the way I styled it . I enjoyed wearing it with turquoise accessories and with a scarf that complimented the color of the jewelry and floral motives. Obviously, I had a lot going on with the upper part of this outfit, so to balance things out, I decided to take the neutral route with my shoes. But neutral doesn't have to be boring, because there is nothing boring about the sexy style of these shoes. The platform part made my legs appear much longer and the color  is in harmony with my flesh tone.

My lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this look and hopefully inspire you to find your perfect white shirt dress.

Shirt dress: Everlane/Shoes: Schutz/Scarf: Vintage/Necklace: Gift/Earrings:Vintage/Rings: Vintage/Bag: Vintage. 


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