A Cool And Easy Way To Wear Black This Summer

May 22, 2019

They say that black objects (including clothing items) absorb all wavelengths of light and convert them into heat, and this is the reason why people (maybe you) avoid wearing it on hot days. This being said, I believe the fabric that you wear in warm weather days is more important than actually the color you choose. If you live in a place where the warm weather is brutal and yet you would love to wear black, I would recommend to experiment with thin fabrics made of natural fibers. You can always wear something similar to my today's approach. This is a fun example on how to wear black on a hot and humid day. Wear black on your lower body only if that make you feel more comfortable.

As you can see, I wore a pink drawstring shoulder top on my upper body, which its flowy-style helped me to stay even cooler. The fabric is 100% natural (cotton), therefore, more breathable. I kept the same easy and natural vibes with my lower part by wearing a wrap skirt made of Lyocell (fabric made of natural cellulose found in wood pulp). Both pieces were made of materials with great moisture absorbency...in other words, summer-perfect garments. I stayed cool all day (86 degrees and humid) and yet, I managed to enjoy my beautiful black sarong skirt. I honestly don't see myself giving up black even on hotter days than this one, therefore, finding black garments made of natural thin fabrics is vital to me.

The day I wore this outfit, we planned to visit our local rose garden and take the photos there. Wearing heels was definitely out of the question, unless I wore any of my wedge espadrilles. The idea crossed my mind, but flat sandals seemed to be more appropriate for our garden stroll and besides, this flesh-hued sandals helped me to elongate the look almost like tall wedges would.

I must mention that black with pastel pink is a color combo that I'm loving right now! I'm a big fan of the strong contrast that these two hues make together. The way black brings elegance to pink is definitely my favorite part, but I also appreciate how blush pink makes black more attractive to wear in warm weather months.

Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals/Skirt: Hope Fashion./Blouse: c/o Hope Fashion/Tote: Handmade in Italy (vintage)/Sunglasses: Ray-Ban /Locket pendant: Vintage/Earrings: Michael Kors/Bracelet: Vintage.


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