How To Dress Like You're On Vacation

May 31, 2019

Not having the time or funds available for a vacation this Summer may be some people's situation this year. That said, this is not a valid reason for not wearing the clothes that we would wear on a vacation in town. Having a positive attitude toward our limitations can make a huge difference in the quality of our lives. We must make the best of what we have even if what we have isn't the best. Today's look was styled around that type of attitude, vacation attitude that is!

No print can represent vacation better than a tropical one. Yes, when we see a tropical print (commonly referred to as Hawaiian print) on someone's outfit, the first thing we think is vacation or a tourist. The print I'm wearing today is very fun because you can see a layout of a beach, drinks, palm trees, sailboats and even buildings. It's like wearing your vacation on your shirt...right?

So yes, I do recommend wearing fun prints like this when you want to feel those vacation vibes, even if you're enjoying a Margarita drink at your local bar. Now, how should we wear tropical prints in town? Well, you can tone down the touristy vibe a bit by wearing your printed garment with a more polished piece, preferably in a solid color. I paired mine with a black garment, because you know that I love to wear black, even in hot Summer days. I chose Bermuda shorts because, besides the fact that they are my favorite style of shorts, their name can give you a hint that they are vacation-worthy. Bermuda shorts are so much fun and versatile and when they're made of a polished fabric, they can be styled nicely for more dressy occasions.

Now, let's talk about what type of shoes and accessories we would wear on that vacation. For this specific look, I decided to wear gladiator flat sandals. By now, you probably noticed that these type of sandals are becoming my favorite Summer shoe ... after my espadrilles, of course. I believe most gladiator sandals are very comfortable and extremely chic, but the comfort part is what makes them more desirable for me. I like the fact that many of them have adjustable strings, so if your feet swell from walking, you can loosen up the strings. Yes! ...they are the perfect sandals to stroll around town or for vacation. Consider this style next time you're dressing like you're on vacation ...or if you actually are on a vacation!

Notice that my accessories aren't dull. I adorned some golden bling that looked so fun under the sunshine. So please, put on your shiny jewelry and I will assure you that it will look great next to your tropical print. And last but not least, those sunglasses and bag should be practical, but also fun. No bag is more practical and yet chic than a crossbody and no sunglasses are more cheerful than the mirrored ones. I'm loving this shield-style because it does protect a large part around my eyes from the sun, therefore, ideal for a vacation-esque day.

So there you have it! An outfit that was styled to stay in town but with vacation in mind. By the way, these photos were taken at a lake located close to my backyard. I'm so lucky to have this wonderful area where I can do outdoors or simply sight seeing. This place often inspires me to not only do workout activities but also to create fun outfits. See some of the looks here, here, and here.

Shirt: Vintage/Shorts: Theory/Sandals: Madewell/Sunglasses: Ray-Ban/Bag: Mansur Gavriel/Chain necklace: Vintage/Earrings: Argento Vivo/Bracelet: Vintage. 


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