Swimsuits And Wide Brimmed Hats

June 19, 2018

Summer is already here and I noticed that the swimsuit selection this year is bigger than ever. I finally felt the need to replace my ancient ones that I can almost call vintage.  I personally love one-piece colorful swimsuits paired with fun oversized hats so, this year, I kept my tradition and I opted for another colorful piece. I'm still wearing my gorgeous and vibrant raphia hat handmade in Madagascar.
In this post, I'm sharing a couple of pics that my husband took with my iPhone while having a terrific outdoorsy day. I will also share with you the swimsuits and sun hats that caught my eye this year.
For your information, my swimsuit is by Uniqlo which is extremely affordable.

These are the swimsuits I would wear:
This photo below is one of my favorite captures by my husband and yet, it was taken with an iPhone. I love the energy in this photo and also that somehow, I managed to not drop my wine while doing my vigorous splash.

This last photo is a bonus. My husband took it while I was attempting to do a yoga pose holding my glass of wine. We need to have that Instagram worthy photo, right? 😜 As you can see, I wasn't successful doing the pose but at least I got the splash right!


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