The Perfect White T-Shirt

June 15, 2018

Once again, I purged my wardrobe before the coming season. This time I'm letting go of all my complicated style tops. I'm focusing more on simpler style pieces (printed or solid) such as t-shirts, button-downs and, off-the-shoulder blouses. I'm also retiring many tops made of synthetic fibers and re-stocking with ones made of natural fibers such as cotton, silk and, linen. All these changes are making my wardrobe more practical, realistic for my today's lifestyle. I'm totally convinced that having simpler but well-made tops have toned down and yet polished my looks, regardless of the type of bottoms I wear.

Just look at this outfit that I'm showing you today. It's very casual but, at the same time, it looks polished despite being created with very light pieces. My well-crafted cotton t-shirt made my vintage cover-up skirt look more appropriate for wearing in town. In other words, my t-shirt toned down the flashy pieces in this outfit and also brought a polished/clean touch.
Here is my suggestion: don't waste your money on several poorly made t-shirts that will lose their shape after the first wash. Instead, invest (the best you can afford) in a perfect t-shirt; one that's well-constructed and will last for a very long time. White t-shirts are just as classic as white button-down shirts, therefore their quality should be taken into consideration as well.  Agree?

T-shirt: Barneys New York/Skirt: Vintage/Sandals: J. Crew/Watch: Bulova/Bracelet: Vintage./Sunglasses: Kate Spade. 


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