Toting Around My Essentials

June 30, 2018

For the past two months, I've been reconsidering my bag wardrobe. My lifestyle has changed due to my job and I'm seeing the need of having my essentials close to me for almost 10 hours and sometimes even more. I've sold several of my medium-to-small sized handbags and using the cash for a couple of good totes. I kept a few of my clutches because I use them when going out with my husband or with friends.
The tote you are seeing today is a new purchase that I made after I purged my bag wardrobe. I was looking for a real workhorse; a robust, casual, well-made, with a vintage feel, tan-colored tote to pair with most of my semi-casual or casual work outfits.
I did my homework for a month or so looking for the right tote for my needs. There are so many choices on the market at the price point that I wanted to pay, which was $300 max.

Two weeks ago at work, I met a young lady that was carrying an amazing and beautifully weathered tan tote. I couldn't resist my curiosity and I asked her about it. So, here I was with another bag on my list and of course, it almost immediately became my favorite from the list.  I ended up going for this one because for my tan tote wanted one with a bit of rugged feel with thick leather, perfect for road trips but still chic enough to take to work. Those type of bags usually age pretty well with wear and they aren't fragile so you don't have to worry about babying them so much. Now, for a black tote, I want something a tad more polished and yet casual. I love the look of the Everlane (see here) and Madewell (see here) for a black bag.

This tan tote is perfect for me, however, you might not have the same needs I do, therefore, your perfect tan tote could be completely different than mine. With that in mind, I put a widget below with totes of various styles and also the ones that were on my possible buy list.
By the way, I love how my bag matches my tan sandals! Don't they look fabulous together?

Tote bag: WP Standard/Shirt: Needham Lane/Pants: JD Williams/Sandals: M. Gemi/Sunglasses: Kate Spade. 


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