How I Wear Turquoise Jewelry Without Looking Like A Coachella Goer

June 27, 2019

Ahhh!...turquoise jewelry has a special place in my heart! Turquoise jewelry, in my book, is one of the most expressive and fashionable stones out there. That said, the fear of looking dated or even costumey wearing turquoise jewelry pops into my mind. It's not surprising for me when people equate turquoise with a hippy counterculture movement or Coachella festivals...I really can't blame them.
That being said, for Native American Indians, turquoise has a spiritual meaning...they call it, "The Fallen Sky Stone". My Mayan ancestors weren't allowed to own or wear turquoise because it was reserved as an offering to their gods. This fact actually makes me appreciate turquoise even more despite the fashion turns that this stone has taken throughout generations. There's a different meaning or appreciation for turquoise for everyone...some people can't stand them and some can't live without them. I personally have to have them in my jewelry box.

Now, how do I wear turquoise jewelry elegantly and stay away from that Jimmy Hendrix-esque look? The real trick that works for me taking turquoise out of Coachella grounds to real life is to pair it with classic and elegant pieces. Whether I  pair them with color or neutral hues, formal or informal, I try to wear garments that have classic lines. As you can see in today's look, I wore a lot of turquoise, however, regardless of my garment's colors, these pieces possess clean silhouettes. I could have worn much less turquoise pieces and they still will look costumey if I've paired them with a fringed it? And talking about ponchos, I've also worn turquoise with a western flare, but I didn't wear them with a poncho... I wore them with classic denim and city-chic shoes. I'm getting older, my friends, and my taste is evolving! I must confess that's moving toward more polished choices, and of course, always with the touch of fun.

Taking about fun, with this look I could afford to pile up with turquoise because it was a date out with my husband. I totally loved the contrast in between red, white and the blue of the turquoise. My shirtdress is surely not shy, but it has classic lines...literally 😉. Oh and my jeans!!! I was dying for styling these jeans again. The last time I showed them to you I was wearing a floral top and a matching denim chore jacket, you remember? if not, click here to read the post. These jeans, even though they're flared, they are elegant and dressy due to their trouser cut. They were perfect jeans to pair with my turquoise jewelry, they have a hint of the 70's, but with cleaner and crispier vibes.

Ok folks, I hope you enjoyed this look and for more fashion looks like this during the week, you are welcome to follow me on my Instagram here.

Dress: Everlane/Jeans: J. Crew/Shoes: Christian Louboutin /Bag: Vintage/Sunglasses: Ray-Ban/Jewelry: Vintage and gifted.


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