Monday Work Outfit - Tips For Layering Considering After-Work Hours

January 21, 2018

When dressing stylishly for work in cold weather, one needs to not only think about looking good and staying warm in the office but also for your commute to and from. Here in North Carolina, we don't have cruel long winters, but there are exception days (like the past week) that we needed an extra layer in order to stay warm.
The look you are seeing today was taken around dusk time and I was pleasantly warm because even though I only needed the blazer to keep me warm for most of the day, bringing my wool coat and beret was crucial in order to survive the after-work hours. You only can see three layers in this look, but I actually was wearing a paper-thin tee underneath my blouse.

Layering for work isn't always an easy task. It's a very common struggle that women and even men face every winter, whether they want to dress warm and look stuffed or dress work appropriately and stay cold.

I personally, through trial and error, have found a few ideas or tips on how to layer stylishly whether it's for work or off-duty situations.  Let me share with you a few of them:

1- The first layer is as important as your last one, so I've learned that wearing a well-fitted bra can make a big difference with the rest of my look. Try to wear a less padded bra; this way you will avoid an extra bulky upper body look. Remember that most of your layers, if not all, are going to be worn on your upper body, so starting thin is a clever idea.

2. Afer my first layer (bra) you can put on another layer such as thin long-sleeve t-shirt. You can use a turtleneck tee if showing that layer is part of your look, otherwise, wear a low-neck tee that will stay incognito and only serve the purpose of a warming layer. This layer will be easy to be followed by a dressy blouse, shirt or fitted sweater.

3. When layering for the office, well-tailored pieces are a must (at least for your first and second layer) in order to keep your look on point for the office. If you are like me and love boyfriend styles, you can get away with wearing a slightly oversized blazer by bringing in its shape with a belt, just like I did in this look. Your overcoat, besides keeping you very warm after-work hours, will layer better if your blazer is shaped to your body.
To me, the cocoon coats with roomy sleeves or the city men-style coats are the best for layering. Those are the ones you should take into consideration when topping all your layers and keeping you warm even in the evening hours. Avoid fitted coats, because these styles look and feel awkward when topping extra layers. Leave those slick and fitted coats for days that you don't need one or two layers the most.

4. always pay close attention to functionality but also keep in mind style. Layering isn't only about piling on clothes to keep you warm during your commute time, it's also about accessorizing accordingly and stylishly. Think of a hat that will keep you warm outdoors and you can easily remove it at the office without messing up your hair, such as a beret.  Find a scarf that doesn't have to be blanket-thick but it's long enough to wrap around a couple times around your neck. I love the pashmina styles because you can also wear them indoors over your shoulders as a thin layer.

5. Try to keep your layers fun and still on-point for work. Combine patterns with solid colored pieces; this way even if you decide to do a tonal layering (like today's), your outfit will look dimensional.

6. As I said above, most of the layering is going to happen on your upper body, so keeping your lower body in perspective is equally important. To balance the attention of your layering think of a pair of pants or a skirt that can steal a bit of the attention from all your upper layering. For example, you can use prints, color, fun silhouettes, textures or even leather as I did with my look (my pants are another extra layer there). Whatever style bottoms you chose, make sure they will keep you stylish and warm even for your commute.

7. When choosing your footwear for a layered outfit, think whether you need something to tone down the overall look of your ensemble or use it as a pop of fun. Either way, try to wear the shoes that will keep the look work-friendly. On a really cold weather day or night, instead of pumps, opt to wear stylish boots and for snowy days (non-blizzard), a nice lugged-sole shoe can also do the job as functional and stylish.

8. Taking to work a roomy bag or extra bag is very important unless you don't commute to work and your car is pretty much parked close by. You want to make sure that your bag can hold gloves, a warm hat your scarf and even an extra pair of weather-proof shoes in case you encounter an unexpected weather after-work hours.

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Shoes: Christian Louboutin/Pants: Vintage/Blouse: Equipment/Blazer: Ralph Lauren (vintage)/Coat: Zara/Bag: Kate Spade/Beret: Kangool/Belt: Vintage. 


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