Find Your Perfect Nude Shoes

January 19, 2018

Nude classic shoes, aside from giving an illusion of having longer legs, they pretty much work well with any outfit of any season. Nude shoes are foolproof classics and are totally worth investing the time and money in order to find the perfect style, hue and, material for you. While a black pump is a staple shoe in my wardrobe, I could never neglect the benefits of having nude pumps. In fact, if I had to commit to one classic neutral colored shoe, I would choose a nude shoe.

I completely understand that not everyone is fond of 4" heels or heels at all and there are also people that can't stand flats either. But whichever styles rock your boat you should consider a pair of perfect nude shoes. When companies fabricate "nude" shoes (they should call it beige) they don't think about matching the skin color of the wearer. They only make one hue and that's supposed to be considered nude for everyone regardless of their skin color. That's why we have to invest time finding the closest color that matches our skin if we really want to have a real nude shoe. I've personally found the right nude hue for me (medium tan with pink undertones), which is the one that I've been wearing for a while now.

The shoes you are seeing today are actually my new pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps, which I recently received as a present. I was totally speechless when I actually saw my perfect nude version of my black pumps. Now, I am not quite sure which ones are more stunning. I only can tell you that I'm thankful for having a new pair of nude shoes (available here and a less pricey version here) that will be replacing the ones I sold last year (Decollete) due to sizing issues. By the way, after I sold my shoes, I was getting by with my taupe multi-strap pumps. I'm glad they are going to get some rest. Those shoes have a sentimental value to me because I wore them the day I married my best friend.


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