How I Made My Puffer Coat Look Stylish

January 25, 2018

A puffer coat or jacket is a garment that most of us will wear more for practicality rather than for style. I personally have a couple of shorter styles for sporty situations; a vest for extra warmth and one long coat for really cold days. From time to time, I try to style them with chic pieces to totally transform their boring look.
The day of this fun photo-shoot was very cold, windy and as you can see, the snow was falling beautifully. I wanted to go outside and have fun with the weather but in order to stay warm, dry and safe, I needed the help of my ugly buddy...yes, I'm talking about my puffer coat.

One easy way to bring my puffer coat to the next level is by cinching it with a stylish belt. I practiced this styling with my puffer vest in this look here in 2013 and here in 2017.
I also found it very helpful to top my puffer with a roomier and longer coat such as a maxi trench. This is a great idea if you are like me and don't like the look of a puffy coat but you appreciate its functionality on very cold days.

That day, I didn't wear a scarf because the furry neckline and turtleneck kept me warm enough. I personally love the look of the turtleneck peeking out from the coat. I also traded a no-brainer beanie for a stylish and yet warm woolen hat.
Styling my puffer coat with cropped pants was a chic move, however, I had to wear them over leggings in order to keep me warm and dry.
I like the idea of wearing snow boots for outdoorsy situations, but for a day in the city, I much prefer a pair of stylish lugged sole combat boots. They can be very safe and warm if you wear them with appropriate socks.
All of these small changes made a big difference with the overall look of my boring but much-needed puffer coat. Although I don't believe there is no such thing as a stylish puffer coat, we can still give them a stylish approach.

Down Coat: Eddie Bauer/Trench Coat: Burberry/Jeans: Levi's/Combat Boots: Ash/Beret: Kangool/Belt: Vintage/Tote: Banana Republic/Glover: Xhilaration.


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