A Cozy Look On A Serene Day

January 17, 2018

I know I've mentioned here before that I prefer gloomy and foggy days than ones with excessive sunshine. Rain isn't exactly the weather that people get excited about... me on the other hand, I feel rejoiced when glorious raindrops start falling from the sky. I recently found out that there is a name for people like me - yes, they call us pluviophile. Every time that it's starting to rain, I run and open all my windows (only one when it's cold) in order to listen to the sound of the drops hitting the ground. I love how the rain changes completely the scenario on the other side of the window and even the smell of the wet ground brings some sort of deep feelings. Many people say that I could fit right in with gloomy cities such as Seattle or London.

The day of this photoshoot, I was so excited about the mysterious vibe in the city after the rain. My husband and I walked through downtown while contemplating the mild fog kissing the top of the buildings. The temperatures were around the upper 50's, so it was the perfect evening for a romantic stroll. We both ended up so inspired by the serene ambiance of the city that we decided to take some pictures for my blog.

Since the day wasn't too cold, I decided to wear my leopard ruana instead of a coat over a leather vest and long sleeve pullover. I know you are very familiar with my wide leg vintage pants because I constantly use them to create comfy and fun ensembles. My loafers were on point for this weather since they have a great lugged outsole to protect me from slipping on wet and gravel grounds.
Well, I hope you enjoy this photo-shoot which was done at the old R.J. Reynolds Tobacco (built in 1892) factory in Winston-Salem, NC. It will soon be home to attractions ranging from restaurants to office spaces. So before they completely change the original vibe of these grounds, we snapped these photos. I hope you like them.

Ruana: c/o Chico's/Vest: Banana Republic/Pants: Vintage Wrangler/Tote: Banana Republic/Shoes: Gucci/Sunglasses: Kate Spade.


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