Monday Work Outfit With Colorful Tights

January 29, 2018

Can you wear colorful tights such as red to work? Well, If your company has a strict dress code you probably can't. However, I know some corporations that don't mind if their female employees wear colorful legwear.
Having the freedom of wearing the legwear of your choice can make a big difference when putting together fun looks for work, assuming that you love to experiment with color.
Today's Monday Work Outfit is for the ones with a more flexible dress code at work. Right now, we're in the middle of Winter, however, early in the week, we had a couple days of Indian Summer weather, therefore perfect to wear something lighter.

I usually don't start a look around a pair of tights, but this time they were the foundational piece in my ensemble. Being only 5'4" forces me to be careful with how I wear colorful tights. I prefer to create a tonal look with my tights and shoes in order to elongate my legs rather than creating a strong contrast wearing a different shoe color. This will actually make my lower body look stumpy.

As you can see, I found a perfect dress that complimented the color of my shoes and tights and also looked great paired with my plaid blazer, which happens to share a bit of red color as well. To keep my look shapely, I belted my boyfriend-style blazer with a beautifully buckled belt and used the dress sash as a pussy bow. This outfit felt so right and easy to wear around. I personally love the way my red tights looked with my vintage red slingback heels.

Blazer: Target/Dress: Brooks Brother's/Bag: Vintage Coach/Belt: Vintage/Tights: Target/Shoes: Bruno Magli/Sunglasses: Kate Spade/Earrings: Argento Vivo.


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